Advanced Refrigeration Systems launched new VSR40 and VSR99 refrigeration systems, designed specifically for small to medium-sized, new or remodel projects with refrigeration requirements from 10-99 horsepower. The VSRs’ compact footprint allows optimum design flexibility and substantial refrigeration capacity, while also incorporating full variable speed compressor control. Each VSR system can be designed with R-404a/R507 or environmentally friendly R-407 refrigerants for medium temperature, low temperature or in split suction applications for medium and low-temp flexibility. Both systems can also use variable speed controlled, air-cooled, water cooled or hybrid (low water use) condensers for further improved energy efficiency.
Advanced Refrigeration Systems



Emerson Climate Technologies’ transcritical CO2 Copeland Scroll and Copeland Scroll Digital compressors for subcritical CO2 applications are available in a variety of horsepower. Optimized for CO2 pressures, they provide what is said to be industry leading energy efficiency in a variety of applications. The semi-hermetic compressors are equipped with CoreSense, providing enhanced protection and remote status information to the E2 via Modbus communications. The E2 controller can control and provide remote visibility of the entire CO2 cascade or booster system. Recent updates include CO2 suction group control and compressor synchronization for booster systems. The XR and XM controllers are designed to optimize case energy efficiency, including a night setback mode to reduce energy consumption during off hours. They feature digital control of all critical functions (temperature/superheat/defrost) in refrigerated case applications for both stepper and pulse expansion valves. The electronic expansion valves provide a linear capacity modulation range from 10-100% and fast reaction times for the dynamic system pressures present in CO2 systems. Lastly, Emerson’s wide range of valves, controls and system protectors fulfill the requirements of all common CO2 applications, including UL-recognized oil controls, filter driers, moisture indicators, solenoid valves, check valves, ball valves, pressure controls and transmitters.
Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.



FridgeWize launched Q12 and Q10 evaporator motor fan blades, which are engineered to significantly reduce energy consumption. These carbon fan blades are said to be 935% stronger than aluminum blades and feature a tear-drop shape and thin, lightweight design.



GEA Refrigeration Technologies upgraded its range of semi-hermetic compressors to include efficiency-optimized solutions for refrigeration and climate control applications. The new HG44e (4- cylinder) and HG88e (8-cylinder) models are equipped with the newly developed GEA Bock mexxFlow valve-plate technology, which enables greater refrigeration duty while operating with less power consumption. When used in combination with a cylinder head especially adapted to the valve plate, the mexxFlow valve plate is said to increase the efficiency of the HG76e and HG88e compressors by approximately 15%.
GEA Refrigeration Technologies