Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., Denver, Colo., launched Atkins Breakfast Sandwiches, what is said to be the first and only line of indulgent, low-carb breakfast sandwiches Atkins breakfast sandwichesavailable nationwide. Each variety includes Atkins-friendly ingredients like custom low-carb English muffins, real eggs, cheeses and premium meats.

"After the success of our frozen meal line, we found that consumers were enjoying the ease and simplicity, but were still searching for other whole food and traditional breakfast options for mornings on-the-go," says Scott Parker, chief marketing officer. "Atkins Breakfast Sandwiches offer people who are accustomed to homemade breakfasts a convenient and satisfying solution to help facilitate weight loss as well as encourage a healthy start to the day."

The product lineup, appropriate for all Atkins Diet phases, includes Sausage with Egg and Cheese, Canadian Bacon with Egg and Cheese, Bacon with Egg and Cheese and Sausage with Egg varieties.

They are available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $3.99.