Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., partnered with 3Gtms, Inc., a privately-held provider of transportation management systems based in Shelton, Conn., to create 3G-TM, a TMW 3G TMS softwareplanning and shipment management software marketed by TMW Systems, Beachwood, Ohio.

3G-TM can be integrated with TMW’s enterprise transportation management software to provide the first single-source solution for running both asset-based and non-asset transportation service organizations.

The 3G-TM was designed to enable shippers, 3PLs and brokers to save on shipping costs, improve margins and onboard new customers faster. On a single platform, the application simplifies end-to-end logistics processes, implementation, onboarding and training. The proprietary planning and execution algorithm enables real-time reaction to changes in customer orders and shipments and allows review for cost savings opportunities. Comprehensive rating capabilities provide extensive tools for carrier negotiations and flexibility in customer pricing.

The technology silos also separately address shipper, 3PL and motor carrier needs to expand cost control, asset management and shipment visibility with advanced load optimization and real-time order management.   


3Gtms, Inc.