Just in time for the cooler weather and the upcoming holiday season, juice innovator Old Orchard Brands, Sparta, Mich., introduced a new line of limited-edition fruit Orchard Brands holiday juicesjuice cocktails.

The line entails Apple Pie, Caramel Apple and Apple Cherry Cobbler flavors, sold in multi-serve, 64-ounce bottles for a suggested retail price of $1.99 per bottle through December. Apple Pie is currently available at grocery stores nationwide while Caramel Apple and Apple Cherry Cobbler can be found exclusively at Walmart.

The limited-edition juices replicate classic fall treats, pairing seasonally-appropriate spices and flavors with the refreshment of Old Orchard's apple juice cocktails.

"We're known as a premium juice brand, certainly, but also as category innovators," says Mark Saur, founder and CEO. "We had a lot of fun re-creating the classic flavors of the season as ready-to-drink juices, and we believe our fans will find they evoke the spirit of the season in a fun, refreshing way."

Apple Pie is a special apple juice cocktail featuring hints of cinnamon, vanilla bean and nutmeg. Caramel Apple's creamy caramel taste complements the flavor of crisp fall apples. Apple Cherry Cobbler features a blend of late summer cherries, a hint of lemon and the sweetness of juicy red apple.