ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., introduced an all-plastic pallet designed to optimize the supply chain of small footprint retailers by eliminating product touches Orbis retail palletdur­ing the order replenishment process from distribution center (DC) to store to floor.

With the 42x30 small-format HP pallet, full case and split cases can be sorted and loaded at the DC. The pallet is then delivered to the store and used as a replenishment vehicle at the point of sale. Once pallets arrive at the retailer, they can be moved directly to the floor, reducing labor costs and maximizing storage space.

Its 30-inch width allows for easy access through narrow doorways and tight store aisles. Contoured corners won’t damage product, and the solid body construction accommodates a variety of load sizes and weights.

This 42x30 pallet offers truckload density, with 45 pallet locations per 53-foot trailer, generous clearance for forklifts to de-nest a full stack of pallets with slanted fork entry and a discontinuous, stepped pallet lip, ease of manual handling with a 20-pound tare weight and ergonomic hand hole and added efficiency with molded-in stretch wrap notches in each pallet corner.