Day Lee Foods, Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif., expanded its Crazy Cuizine brand with a new line of frozen Asian entrées called Crazy Cuizine International Favorites, Crazy Cuizine Inernational Favoriteseach featuring a vegetable, rice or noodle component.

Available in Beijing Broccoli Beef (Chinese), Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice (Indian/Southwest Asian) and Garlic Chicken & Noodles (Chinese/Vietnamese) varieties, this new line boasts steamed chicken, lightly breaded beef and lighter sauces, and can be served as a complete meal.

“We’ve seen an increased demand from consumers for bolder flavors, healthier ingredient profiles and more high-quality ethnic entrées,” says David Weinberg, marketing director. “These first three International Favorites deliver well-known Asian entrées—‘kicked up a notch’ with ‘restaurant-quality’ flavors. They’re a real viable alternative to ‘takeout.’ We’re also adding hearty vegetables or grains to every dish in the line, so each offers a complete meal solution for busy families and individuals on-the-go.”