Decagon Devices, Pullman, Wash., released the TrueDry CV-9 high-precision moisture meter, an instrument that accurately measures the moisture content of nine Decagon TrueDrysamples with just four minutes of hands-on time.

This new technology dries each sample by passing heated, desiccated air over until achieving a uniform value of 1% relative humidity. The TrueDry automatically monitors weight and dries at lower temperatures, preventing the loss of materials other than water. 

How it works is, as each sample dries, TrueDry monitors the weight by cycling each sample onto a high-precision electromagnetic balance for repeated weight measurements. The TrueDry also eliminates error due to ambient conditions where differences in the humidity of the lab can cause significant variation in oven dry values. It does this by maintaining constant vapor pressure in its chamber regardless of ambient conditions, resulting in more consistent results over drying oven technology.

In addition, the TrueDry is said to be the only high-throughput moisture meter that dries samples instead of burning them. 

Decagon Devices, Inc.