IPPE 2015 broke records with an estimated 30,000 poultry, meat and feed industry leader attendees from all over the world, in addition to 1,288 exhibitors and more than 490,000 net square feet of exhibit space.

“This year’s record-breaking size and attendance numbers are a testament to IPPE’s unparalleled education sessions, numerous networking opportunities and unique exhibits. The decision to consolidate three tradeshows has produced an annual event that is greater than the sum of its parts,” according to the show’s sponsors, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY), Tucker, Ga.; American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), Arlington, Va.; and the American Meat Institute (AMI), Washington, D.C. “The enthusiasm and energy displayed by this year’s attendees and exhibitors will only ensure the success and growth of future expos.”  

From live production and processing to further processing and packaging, here is a rundown of some of the latest innovations in equipment, supplies and services introduced and showcased at IPPE 2015.


Provisur Technologies, Inc., Mokena, Ill., exhibited a range of integrated solutions in mixing, grinding, separating, forming, coating, cooking and slicing.

Mixing and grinding solutions include the Weiler VersaGrind, a pump grinding system designed to increase productivity and enhance product quality for poultry and other proteins, and the Weiler Omni V Multi-Grinder, which is ideal for handling coarse grinding and rendering of refrigerated and frozen poultry and other proteins.

Separating solutions include the AM2C/Beehive Barracuda, which gives operators the freedom to choose from a range of separation heads, resulting in almost unlimited configuration flexibility. Its modular design accommodates a wide variety of both slotted and holed filter chambers to optimize production and the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of applications and raw materials.

Forming solutions include the Formax NovaMax500,the next generation of slide-plate forming technology. Its servo-controlled, rotary-product pump works in tandem feed-screw movements to prevent overworking and deliver superior product texture. A servo knock-out system ensures precise product placement to downstream conveying systems. The VerTex660rotary forming technology is designed for mid-sized processing lines. And, the Homestyle Patty System consists of any new or existing Formax forming machine, providing superior portion control, speed and built-in paper-feed system, ideal for foodservice, case-ready, pre-cooked, fresh or frozen products.

Provisur TST coating solutions include its Combination Dipper and Super Cyclone attached to the Pre-Duster. The TST Combination Dipper features a faster output belt that gently separates products for superior quality. The stainless-steel motor promises continuous power and optimal performance.TST equipment design efficiencies include hygienic construction, low-energy consumption, sanitary design that further enhances food safety, unmatched quality, low maintenance plus low operating costs, superior operator safety and customer value.

Provisur slicing solutions include the CashinEDGE Bacon Slicer with servo card dispenser, which features a new lower product feed belt drive system, user-friendly touch-screen controls and an automated cleanup mode that can be activated with the push of a button. These advantages translate to increased throughput, higher slicing yields, improved draft presentations and easier set-ups and maintenance with reduced giveaway. Additionally, the new Formax PowerMax3500 Slicing System offers what is said to be the largest slicing throat in its mid-sized class with a standard 6-inch x 15-inch throat size or optional 7-inch x 13-inch. If slicing large or heavy products, such as value-added 4-inch x 6-inch or D-shaped turkey or ham or soft delicate products, the upper and lower infeed drives give the support and control needed for optimum slice consistency.

Provisur Technologies


Linde LLC, Murray Hill, N.J., debuted the new CSG-4 snow generator, which produces CO2 snow on demand and offers a safer alternative to dry ice pellets. The CSG-4 snow generator is ideal for meat, poultry and seafood processors as well as other raw or fresh foods producers. With the new CO2 snow generator, plastic or cardboard combo bins can be rolled into the enclosure, filled with CO2 snow and then sent to a downstream processing area. Four proprietary engineered CO2 snow horns gently and uniformly distribute snow into the combo bin, reducing the worker safety issues associated with storing, moving and shoveling dry ice by hand. The CSG-4 also includes an integral exhaust enclosure for venting sublimed CO2 gas outdoors.

The Linde product line also includes the patented Linde Impingement Freezer, which can typically produce 3-5 times the capacity of a conventional cryogenic or ammonia-based tunnel freezer in the same linear space.It’s ideal for marinated or formed chicken or meat products, fully topped premium pizza, etc. 

The Linde Immersion-Spiral Freezerrepresents proprietary cryogenic design, combining high-efficiency nitrogen utilization with high-volume throughput to 20,000 pounds per hour for cooked, raw or individually quick frozen (IQF) products.

The new advanced ACCU-CHILL Combo-Chiller automates batch handling and chilling, evenly filling high-volume combo bins with cut parts while delivering CO2 snow for more consistent equilibration for chilling raw or deboned turkey or chicken parts.

The patented CRYOLINE XF (Crossflow) Spiral Freezerwith proprietary cross-flow design offers a high heat-transfer rate that is said to reduce operating costs vs. conventional cryogenic spiral freezers. This freezer is ideal for most meat products.

Linde North America, Inc.


Heat and Control, Hayward, Calif., debuted a battery of new x-ray and metal detection equipment.

For instance, its new Ishida IX-G2 X-ray inspection systems, which uses a unique dual energy process that compares absorption of X-rays on two levels. Ishida’s G2 technology improves detection of low-density objects in overlapped products, and is adept at detecting thin pieces of metal, glass, rubber, hard bones and other foreign objects in products that have uneven surfaces. The IX-G2 also includes functions for weight verification and detection of missing items, incomplete filling, product defects, incorrect alignment or products trapped in package seals. 

The new CEO Color Enhancing Oven combines controlled browning of bothsides of products with uniform high-volume cooking and cooks product uniformly, despite its location on the conveyor belt, to provide optimal cooking conditions for different products. Hot, moisture-controlled air is evenly distributed in a 360-degree pattern to ensure equal and uniform heating across all tiers.

Only 90 inches long, the new Micro Breader uniformly applies all styles of pre-dust, crumb and flake coatings to poultry, meat, vegetables and other foods. Micro Breader’s small size frees up two feet of line length, giving operators the option to add another coating pass for greater production versatility.  Standard features include automatic belt tensioning that increases conveyor belt life, adjustable top coverage and breading bed density, interchangeable top hoppers and large clean-outs for fast changeovers between free-flowing and non-free-flowing coatings. 

Built to handle 40% higher capacities over previous models, the new FastBack P2 400E horizontal motion conveyor is a sanitary solution for high-volume transfer and distribution, up to 30 feet per minute. It can be configured with longer or wider pans and distribution gates to handle a variety of frozen product applications, including chicken, meats and more. The chassis design features flush watertight doors, a sloped self-draining top and special sanitary drive arm seals.  

Attendees were also able to take the CEIA Challenge. CEIA, a Twinsburg, Ohio-based manufacturer of metal detectors, debuted the THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector, which eliminates false rejects with no reduction using the most difficult products. By simultaneously and continuously applying a broad spectrum of frequencies, the CEIA THS/MS21 detects smaller particles of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including AISI 316 stainless steel.

Heat and Control, Inc.


Patty Paper, Inc. (PPI), Plymouth, Ind., exhibited a wide variety of select grade, FDA-approved papers for use in the meat, dairy, bakery, deli, snack and grocery industries. 

Coated with a variety of waxes or wax blends, the converted papers include patty interleaving, cheese slice interleaving, picking paper, bulker or roll stock paper and sheeted waxed paper or peach/pink, green and black steak paper. New to this lineup are butcher paper rolls and sheets.

All sheets feature consistent feedability for uninterrupted sheeting.

Patty Paper, Inc.


CSB-System International, Willowbrook, Ill., demonstrated a unique solution for poultry processing and packaging that enables companies to optimize their production planning and increase efficiencies and productivity in order to deliver maximum profit per bird.

The new iPoultry system ensures that the optimal combination of customer order and available raw materials is always deployed, enabling processors to cut yields and minimize giveaway. 

Integrated planning using exact and reliable data from production and order entry allows both purchasing and sales to be actively controlled during production. This means operators can see at a glance which raw material quantities are required to be processed at any given time and for which customer and for which particular products.

iPoultry is the result of a strategic alliance between CSB-System and Meyn-Ishida, The Netherlands, which provides a combination of expertise in processing, packaging, weighing and IT for enhanced planning, monitoring and control.

The advanced software enables businesses to obtain International Food Standard “higher level” certification, meeting all legal requirements and providing an enhanced quality management system that helps to reduce costs and improve overall production efficiencies.

The iPoultry system also links all areas of operation—from raw material procurement through processing and packing to onward dispatch—through a single central database that monitors and reports back on the progress or whereabouts of a product at any time.

CSB-System International


Bel-Ray Co., LLC, Farmingdale, N.J., released non-toxic food grade dry PTFE spray, a multi-purpose, convenient-to-use, dry-film lubricant that is NSF H1-registered for use where incidental food contact may occur.

This spray is fortified with PTFE lubricating solids to provide a clean, durable and long-lasting dry film for use where molybdenum disulfide (commonly known as Moly) and graphite are not permitted.

No-Tox Food Grade Dry PTFE Spray is manufactured from FDA-compliant ingredients.

Bel-Ray Co., LLC


AHPharma, Salisbury, Md., and iLighting, LLC, North East, Md., joined forces to introduce a new series of AviLighting high-intensity LED systems for poultry feeding applications.

The new AviLighting product line now includes a series of control pan, feeder, layer and backyard flock water feeding systems operating at 24 volts to increase the intensity of the systems and the ability to consistently deliver biologically-humane LED lighting. These products are also available with dimmable solutions and complete lighting solutions for 300- to 600-feet systems operating 2-3 feeder lines.

This new lighting solution meets the commercial live production lighting needs of areas related to bird migration/attraction and the brooding of chickens, turkeys and other poultry. Powered by a 24 Volt DC controller with solar and back-up power compatibility, AviLighting is said to lower energy costs by 86-96% when compared to the use of incandescent or cold-cathode lighting and by 50% over other ceiling socket-driven LEDs.

In addition, AviLighting was designed as a dual-colored LED feeder light that can typically be used as the sole light source or as a supplement to existing ceiling LEDs to attract chicks evenly to feed and watering areas. AviLighting can be installed throughout the entire house and can be placed on the line to immediately emit as much light as necessary.




Bitzer, Flowery Branch, Ga., promoted its new modular ammonia compressor packs for ammonia (R717) refrigeration systems. The BITZER ammonia compressor packs (ACP) are available with a capacity range of 100 to 450 TR and accommodate up to three compressors. For higher capacities, as many as three compressor packs can be connected (up to nine compressors) and operate off of a single controller. The primary compressor is equipped with a frequency inverter and ensures optimal part-load performance.

Meanwhile, the new ECO-cute heat pump uses the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744) for refrigeration equipment. This system features two hot water tanks, each with a capacity of 8,000 liters, a BITZER 4HTC reciprocating compressor and two recirculation tanks integrated into the system, each holding 800 liters. The ECO-cute is said to produce four times as much usable heat as the electrical energy needed for operation.

Bitzer also showcased the semi-hermetic 4HTC reciprocating compressor, a 4-cylinder unit designed for trans-critical CO2 applications. A suction gas-cooled motor controls speed and the special drive gear geometry and cylinder heads coincide with the system’s thermally insulated, high- and low-pressure chambers.

Bitzer US, Inc.


Harpak-ULMA Packaging, Taunton, Mass., partnered with Sealed Air Corp., the Elmwood Park, N.J., parent to Cryovac, to introduce Cryovac Darfresh on Tray, a new skin packaging technology that uses 100% of the skin film to seal the packages, generating zero scrap loss and eliminating the need for scrap wind-ups. Cryovac Darfresh on Tray uses patented Mondini “Platform Technology,” which allows a single tray sealing machine to produce a variety of packaging formats with minimal changeover time. Interchangeable packaging capabilities include below-the-flange skin packages, protruding and super-protruding skin packages, stretch seal packages, Darfresh on Tray packages, modified atmosphere packages—high and low O2, die cut lid packages, aluminum trays, crimped aluminum pans, double-decker packages and rigid packages.

Each package is sealed using only the necessary amount of film, reducing waste costs that can accumulate from skeleton scrap. This process results in a compact package produced with 40 percent less material than other available tray skin offerings require and up to 40% faster packaging speeds.

The Harpak/Sealed Air partnership also produced Ulma Darfresh, which combines state-of-the-art equipment with Sealed Air Darfresh skin films to offer a tight form-fitting second skin that seals up to the edge of the product, holding the product in place for vertical display and perfect presentation.  The film seals any place there is film-to-film or film-to-tray contact, providing a secure package that contains all liquids/purge.

Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC


Sealed Air Corp., Elmwood Park, N.J., introduced advanced vacuum chamber technology with the release of its new Cryovac VS2-2 4B dual vacuum chamber system.

Developed primarily for large, high-profile cuts requiring barrier bags greater than 18 inches in size, such as bone-in chuck rolls and semi-boneless rounds, this dual vacuum chamber system accelerates production for smaller cuts while maintaining an operational rate of up to 40-50 cycles per minute.

Compatible with all Cryovac oxygen barrier shrink bags, the Cryovac VS2-2 4B dual vacuum chamber system applies sealed packaging to help preserve product quality and protect packaged goods from environmental factors and conditions throughout the production and distribution cycle.

Sealed Air Corp.


Zip-Pak, Manteno, Ill., showcased a spectrum of consumer-friendly resealable packaging solutions designed for the meat and poultry markets.

For example, Zip-Pak and Sealed Air Corp., Elmwood Park, N.J., joined forces to create the Multi-Seal FoldLOK with Vector, a new resealable solution designed to accommodate meat, poultry, cheese and individually-quick frozen products. It features a distinctively convenient reclosing mechanism, as both of the re-seal surfaces are positioned on the same side of the film. The re-seal surfaces can also be designed with Zip-Pak Vector, a matrix-style re-sealing mechanism that allows consumers to easily close the flexible pouch without exact alignment. One simply “folds over” and depresses the upper part of the pouch to create a firm seal after each use. Thanks to the fold-over re-sealing design, Multi-Seal FoldLOK requires less film, and can take up to 2 inches or more of material out of the standard-sized pouch. The multi-strip applicator is also compatible with most packaging systems.

Sensus is a resealable closure made of Sensory Feedback Fasteners, which feature performance characteristics that appeal to a consumer’s sense of sound, sight, smell or touch. The Sensus re-closure profile is specifically designed to create a tactile bumping sensation and audible clicking noise when the zipper is opened or resealed, providing complete assurance that their flexible package is firmly sealed.

Slider Select enables consumers of all ages to repeatedly open and close a flexible package. Its leak-resistant profile delivers improved processing and manufacturing efficiencies over a wide range of product applications. Features include high inside-burst strength to protect the product, a slider that glides smoothly across the zipper profile, an ultra-compact slider system and reduced mass of the zipper and the slider.

Vector is a self-mating resealable closure ideal for a wide range of product formats thanks to its resealable matrix pattern that easily aligns. Plus, it delivers a more vivid tactile response, assuring a tight seal upon opening and closing the flexible package.

Pour & Lok is a resealable packaging solution that combines easy opening with pour spout functionality. A press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset, creating a partial opening that forms the package’s easy-to-use resealable pour spout.

ZIP 360 is a resealable pouch that creates a wider opening, allowing for convenient product access and enabling consumers to easily scoop or pour package contents. The reclosure is designed to close on itself with no end termination for full perimeter resealability.  And, it accepts full-panel graphics for more visual impact at point of purchase.

Zipbox is a hybrid packaging format that combines flexible and rigid packaging into a novel combination of materials that is both value adding and user-intuitive. Co-developed by Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), Marlton, N.J., Zipbox provides an ideal solution for the need to easily reseal a carton and maintain product freshness after opening.

Zip-Pak, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW)


An expanded product line, expertise and customer partners were on display at Chicago-based JBT’s booth.

An expansion of JBT’s offerings, thanks to its recent acquisition of Wolf-tec, means the company is now able to offer solutions for both secondary processing, including brine preparation, injection, macerating and massaging, as well as solutions further down the line, including coating, cooking, frying and freezing to create full lines for case-ready meats, pork belly trimming and poultry processing.  

For case-ready meats, for example, JBT and Wolf-tec constructed a line featuring the Frigoscandia ADVANTEC impingement freezer, the TVI GMS 500 single-cut slicer and the DSI 844 waterjet portioning system. Plus, the company’s redesigned booth highlighted the Stein Heritage Breader, the Polar Massager 2500 and the reduced-emission, high-performance Stein TFF-V THERMoFIN fryer as well as its patented high-hygiene, single-piece extruded evaporator coil, which eliminates harboring areas by removing all crevices and overlapping surfaces.   

JBT Corp.



NuTEC, New Lenox, Ill., introduced its Provatec 760E 100% Electric-0% oil forming machine, an energy-efficient machine that uses absolutely zero hydraulic oil, making for a more hygienic process. Though completely electric, it is said to use less electricity than other machines its size, while forming food at a faster pace.

This technology ensures perfect shapes, homemade product quality, consistent weight control, better equipment dependability, smaller footprint and quiet operation.

Additionally, the C-Frame portioning depositor, available in both hydraulic and electric styles, accurately and consistently deposits fillings for stuffed sandwiches, egg rolls, meat pies, appetizers, calzones, jalapeño poppers and more. Like most NuTEC equipment, it provides excellent portion weight control and clean, accurate filling placement of more than 45,000 deposits per hour, up and down the line.

NuTEC Manufacturing


Rollstock, Kansas City, Mo., debuted its RA200 stainless-steel, washdown rollstock machine, designed for larger processors.

It features dual lifting systems, wider, longer web width, higher speeds, programmable PLC controls with readable diagnostics and vacuum leak check programs. Plus, each machine comes with training from a factory technician.

In addition, Rollstock displayed its zipper packaging machine, designed for seafood, luncheon meats, bacon and other foods that require consumer-friendly recloseable features. 

Rollstock, Inc.


Hollymatic, Countryside, Ill., featured its grinders, which produce output rates of 3,000- to 9,900-pounds per hour. The smooth, easy-to-clean stainless-steel surfaces make for easy maintenance, and various horsepower options enable processors to choose a model that's just right for their operation. 

Plus, Hollymatic's hi-yield meat saw optimizes the use of power, resulting in reduced energy costs of up to 11%. The quick stop brake stops the blade within one second of shut-off to dramatically reduce risk of injury.

And, the Tender-Rite tenderizer offers power, safety and efficiency for all processing applications. Furthermore, its variety of food formers offer varying capacities from 1,200 to 7,800 patties per hour to form and portion beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, and more.




Ammeraal Beltech North America, Skokie, Ill., released the uni ULB, an ultra-light modular belt that offers a universal conveyor belting solution across a variety of markets, including poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables and ready-to-eat products.

The high-performing, lightweight uni ULB is said to be the first ultra-light belt capable of carrying loads up to 2,205 pounds on a standard 39.4-inch width. Its durable design makes it easier to handle than standard belts during installation, maintenance and sanitation and comes in a contrast of colors.

The semi-closed hinge construction reduces debris buildup inside the belt, and its easy-to-clean features make for less water consumption and less cleaning fluid use.

Ammeraal Beltech North America


ClearSpan Fabric Structures, South Windsor, Conn., added a new structure, The Hybrid Building, to its HD Building solutions.

Hybrid Buildings offers the option of steel or fabric side walls with the durability of Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. Since there are no internal support posts, the building allows for maximum usable space.

The fabric cover is available in several colors, and the polyethylene cover allows the transmission of abundant natural light.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures


CyberAgra, Midlothian, Va., unveiled the CyberAgra Application Services version 15, a fully integrated poultry and swine enterprise record-keeping system.

Features include adaptive user interface and universal support for devices from smartphones to servers in enterprise datacenters worldwide. The back-end cloud services feature redundancy for mission-critical operations with theoretically unlimited number of animals, facilities, storage and more.



Praxair, Danbury, Conn., announced its newest tunnel freezing system, the Praxair ColdFront Cryo-Saver Tunnel. This new tunnel system employs advanced cryogenic freezing technologies developed to operate more economically in the same footprint as a traditional cryogenic tunnel system. The entrance and exit are uniquely positioned to prevent room air from infiltrating into the freezer, resulting in what is said to be up to 15% savings in operating costs, depending on production parameters. Plus, the freezer enclosure is designed to meet the new USDA sanitation standards, making cleanup quick and thorough.

Praxair also added the newest design of its ColdFront ultra-performance spiral freezer to its lineup of cryogenic freezing and chilling systems. This improvement allows customers to test their food products on full-sized equipment using ideal production parameters for efficient cryogen usage. This ultra-performance spiral freezer utilizes direct cryogen injection of either N2 or CO2 for maximizing heat transfer. Enhanced horizontal vapor flow provides additional cooling potential that would otherwise be under-utilized. The improved vapor-balance system minimizes air and moisture infiltration into the system, thus reducing cryogen consumption. These features, combined with wider belts, result in efficient utilization of cryogen while providing for maximum production capacity in a minimal footprint.

Furthermore, Praxair introduced its proprietary ColdFront meat mixer cooling system, a cryogenic liquid nitrogen injection system for meat mixing. How it works is heat generated during mixing and grinding accelerates bacterial growth and leads to off-flavors, decreased shelf life and spoilage. Additionally, reduced waste and repeatable patty formation are possible because of consistent product weights that transfer directly to measured cost savings.

Praxair Inc.


Habasit America, Suwanee, Ga., introduced Habasit Saniclip, an innovative rod retention system that makes belt assembly and dis-assembly possible in seconds.

This device for quick belt opening and easy belt sanitation allows for simple rod installation/removal for applications where frequent belt sanitation is required. Saniclip has a tactile, non-slip surface for easy removal in wet and/or fatty environments. Plus, multiple Saniclips can be installed on a single belt to allow for easy opening in several locations.

They come in POM yellow or blue and require zero tools.

Habasit America


Heat and Control, Hayward, Calif., is said to have perfected product browning in a spiral oven with its new CEO Color Enhancing Oven.

Available in single and twin-drum models, CEO combines controlled browning of both sides of products with uniform high-volume cooking.

The CEO spiral oven uniformly cooks product regardless of where it is located on the conveyor belt. Hot, moisture-controlled air is evenly distributed in a 360-degree pattern to ensure equal and uniform heating across all tiers. Steam, dry heat or a combination of both are controlled independently to provide optimal cooking conditions for different products. 

PLC control with easily accessible process parameters for multiple products provides repeatable browning and cooking with fast changeovers. 

Heat and Control, Inc.


OMORI North America, Fairless Hills, Pa., debuted the latest in high-speed food and tray wrapping equipment.

The S-5710A-BX features a roller type in-feed conveyor, automatic counter for product loading, accumulation conveyor and product orientation turner. The inverted stainless-steel construction and gas flush handles a variety of product sizes for optimum modified atmospheric packaging. The touch-screen-controlled PLC and multiple servo drives ensure ease of use and versatility.

The STN8500WE SD 150 features an automatic belt in-feed conveyor, a sanitary design and on-demand functionality to help companies realize high speeds of up to 150 packs per minute for tray stretch wrapping.

Meanwhile, the STC N5 includes an on-demand feature, wide body, compact design and touch-screen-controlled PLC, and includes end flap folding technology to ensure tight packages at up to 60 cycles per minute.

Lastly, the DW2500N is an automatic belt in-feed conveyor that contains center seal trim, box motion end sealer and hot air tunnel for an exceptional leak-proof package at speeds up to 60 packages per minute.

OMORI North America



Electro-Sensors, Minnetonka, Minn., announced the new PM500, a process meter that can run as a stand-alone rate meter or can be configured to run as a complete control and display system.

The PM500 is fully programmable with two 4-20 mA sensor inputs that can be scaled to any user-selected units. It can also be programmed to display two different processes because the inputs are independent of each other. It detects, converts and displays the input signal, making it an ideal monitoring solution for any cold food application.

The PM500 can be powered by either 115 VAC or 230 VAC and includes a 4-digit display that is switchable between two inputs and communicates via Modbus RS-485. To create a complete process control and display system, users simply add one or more options to the main unit.

Electro-Sensors, Inc.


Metl-Span, a division of NCI Group, Lewisville, Texas, introduced a revolutionary FRP wall and ceiling system called FRP CleanSeam.

This insulated metal panel wall and ceiling system creates a virtually seamless wall and ceiling by combining fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panel faces with a unique flush surface. Engineered to meet FSMA mandates, the hard joint has no voids and the system is mold, mildew and impact resistant and extremely durable.

The FRP panel joints are permanently sealed with a 2-part caulking compound that bonds the adjacent FRP surfaces together. The panels, in conjunction with the silicone-caulked joints, are subjected to rigorous washdown regimens that include the use of high-pressure spray, hot water and harsh chemicals. Plus, FRP CleanSeam panel system eliminates the constant maintenance associated with silicone and butyl-caulked joints that quickly deteriorate from frequent and aggressive washdown regimens. The panels are corrosion free and USDA and FSIS compliant.



Global Industries, Grand Island, Neb., showcased its new Sentinel Poultry Buildings, which incorporate an innovative “Boxed C-Channel” design that requires no welding.

The buildings are precision engineered to go up quickly and minimize dust and dirt inside the structures. The building features standard 5m bays and 2.5m sidewalls, and come in standard width of 12m, 13m, 14m, 15m and 16m, with custom sizes also available.

Additionally, all Sentinel poultry buildings feature reinforced steel framing on all fan, vent and door openings.

Global Industries, Inc.


Lumense, an Atlanta-based developer of real-time sensors, released the Lumense Ammonia Monitor.

Operating within the SensorIT platform, the Lumense Ammonia Monitor is said to be the first product that continuously monitors ammonia levels and automatically provides readings to house ventilation controllers. This allows growers to continuously optimize ventilation, thus increasing bird performance and reducing feed cost.

The Lumense Ammonia Monitor can operate independently or within a network, and contains a communications interface, a user interface with a touch-screen display, a power supply and the plumbing necessary to draw poultry house air through the sensor. The user interface allows users to adjust alert thresholds, communication modes, security constraints and view recent and historical data for applicable targets. Readings, taken every two minutes from air drawn at beak level, are provided around the clock to house ventilation controllers through an analog interface.



Mepaco, the Beaver Dam, Wis.-based food processing equipment segment of Apache Stainless Equipment Corp., developed a new sanitary conveyor design using modular components.

Designed to simplify the sanitation process by allowing for easy access to all inner areas of the frame, standard features include shaft-mounted washdown gear motor with/torque arm, homogeneous belting, removeable wearstrips, belt scraper, pickle passivated finish, angle and channel floor supports and integrated guide rails.



METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection, Tampa, Fla., exhibited its new metal detection and checkweighing inspection systems.

Featured among those systems was the new advanced metal detection system, designed specifically to inspect high-moisture targets such as poultry and other meats.

Also showcased was the Hi-Speed Beltweigh XS checkweigher, which features a hygienic design to withstand robust washdown conditions. This system includes and a full stainless-steel support frame that holds up in the face of the most rigorous cleaning and sanitizing protocol.

Furthermore, its ProdX data collection system facilitates the collection and storage of production data, then makes it available for production system analysis for continuous quality improvement and support in the event of an FDA inspection.

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection


OCS Checkweighers, Lawrenceville, Ga., introduced model SC-E-3000 x-ray, what is considered to be an ideal x-ray scanner solution for an effective, highly efficient entry point into production line x-ray inspection for small to medium packaging.

The SC-E-3000 x-ray detects and rejects contaminants, such as metal, stone, glass and bone while meeting the highest requirements of foreign object detection and hygiene.

It’s made of stainless steel and complies with protection class IP 65, which allows for easy cleaning to meet the highest hygienic requirements. It features optional software to count and perform checks for completeness, correct filling levels and blank out packaging clips, as well as a 15-inch color touch-screen operation, intuitive software, compact design with integrated conveyor system and diode array detector.

OCS Checkweighers, Inc.


PolyConversions Inc., Rantoul, Ill., introduced VR protective wear designed to be reused, recycled and to replace traditional protective wear made of PVC and other durable materials.

Vinyl-free protective apparel is said to provide 4-6 times the average life of similar PVC products, but provides strength, puncture resistance and lighter weight protection.

Free of vinyl and latex, VR has been clinically tested to offer resistance to fats, oils, chemicals and acids such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric.

PolyConversions, Inc.


Multisorb Technologies, Buffalo, N.Y., showcased MAPLOX program, its premier technology for fresh ground beef packaging.

The MAPLOX program is a low-oxygen, case-ready program that extends shelf life well beyond that of high-oxygen programs. FreshPax CR oxygen absorbers are placed in a sealed gas-flushed master bag, which eliminates oxygen and maintains the color, flavor and quality of the ground beef.

Multisorb Technologies


New poly pallets from Remcon Plastics, Reading, Pa., are lightweight and easy to clean.

This rugged line includes the following designs:

  • Standard is an easier-to-clean alternative to wood pallets.
  • XGrip helps keep items that overhang the pallet edges from slipping off.
  • Lipped helps retain items that do not overhang the pallet.

Remcon Plastics, Inc.


RGF Environmental Group, Riviera Beach, Fla., promoted its PHI treatment system for meat processors.

Photohydroionization (PHI) technology is an all-natural oxidation technology that acts as an additional strategic intervention for trimmings and whole muscle. The PHI technology allows for the anti-microbial treatment of meat products without leaving chemical residues. RGF Environmental is said to be the first to implement advanced oxidation systems utilizing UV and ozone for pathogen control and mitigation in a U.S. food processing facility.

The PHI Treatment Tunnel-PLUS system provides direct 360-degree surface application on all exposed meat surfaces, resulting in 99.9% surface microbial reduction.

The PHI process does not affect taste or appearance of the product, and the tunnel is unique in its ability to totally treat the product surface.

RGF Environmental Group, Inc.


The new screw press from Schwing Bioset, Somerset, Wis., offers a comprehensive solution for all dewatering and biosolids handling needs.

Features include low speeds and an automated control for unattended operations, robust construction, stainless-steel wetted parts, split screen casing to simplify screw removal and minimize footprint, perforated screen for tight tolerances and improved performance over wedge-wire screens and low wash water requirements.

Schwing Bioset, Inc.


Atlanta-based Tosca introduced a breakthrough in reusable plastic containers for packing, shipping and displaying individual cartons of eggs.

The new SmartWall is a retail-ready package that simplifies re-stocking and promises retailers less shrink from damaged goods, labor savings and less waste.

Additionally, eggs packed in the new Tosca containers are said to cool almost 10 times faster than eggs in corrugated cardboard, according to an April 2014 study conducted by Sensitech, a Beverly, Mass., provider of cold chain visibility solutions for tracking and monitoring temperature-sensitive products. The Sensitech study was conducted Cal-Maine’s Chase, Kans., facility. Cal-Maine is a producer and distributor of fresh shell eggs.

In addition to increased durability, benefits include better product protection resulting in less damage, innovative design with a simple, one-touch, drop-down front wall to reduce labor costs, efficient ventilation and faster cooling of packed eggs and a more sustainable package with less waste.

Tosca Ltd.


Spraying Systems Co., Glendale Heights, Ill., introduced the new AutoJet pathogen protection system, which applies sanitizer on conveyors and/or antimicrobial on cold food products for an efficient kill without waste.

Spraying Systems Co.


PSC, Cleveland, Ohio, introduced new AMW 200 microwave tempering equipment for in-plant testing of meat and poultry products. The AMW 200 provides a uniform tempering system where products are tempered in minutes within ±1°C. This system allows the blocks to go directly to the slicing, grinding, cubing or forming area without holding time.



Big Dutchman, Holland, Mich., introduced FlexVey PUR, a new feed conveying system that utilizes a flexible, pliable tube that’s both quiet and resistant to wear and tear. The spiral hose is made of high-quality, wear-resistant polyurethane, resulting in a longer service life.

The NXB product line is the newest member of the nesting systems. The newly developed automatic single lying nest is especially well suited for broiler breeders. Available in the NXB 1000 (center belt version) and the NXB 2000 (double side belt version), this nesting system comes in 96-inch-long sections containing 16, 18 or 20 nest holes, providing the producer the option to customize the nest to optimize performance of current and future broiler breeders. Centrally activated pipe nest closures and egg shields are available for both nest versions. Plastic partitions between individual nest holes can be opened to create colony nest atmosphere for birds. The NXB 1000 utilizes an 8-inch egg belt made of either polyproprolene or the traditional woven; the NXB 2000 uses a 5-inch woven egg belt.

The new FlexLED is an LED light tube system that uses a main cable to run through the entire house outside the bird area without any plug connections. This arrangement ensures that the entire power remains in the line. Thanks to the plug-and-play principle, each LED tube can be installed individually in any place in either colony or aviary systems. In addition, the LED lamps use low levels of energy, have long service lives and are 100% dimmable.

UniVent 788 is a new belt battery poultry housing system that utilizes many of the proven characteristics of earlier UniVent layer systems such as manure removal systems under every tier. The 117-inch cage sections yield more birds per running length than previous versions, and the 4.5-inch-wide egg belt allows for a larger conveying system for removing of the increased number of eggs. The increased cage height allows for birds to stand fully upright, while the Champion chain feeding system delivers uniform feed rations to all birds. Each cage has access to three drinker nipples.

Big Dutchman Inc.


Best Sanitizers, Inc., Penn Valley, Calif., showcased its new HACCP SmartStep footwear sanitizing system, which adds an additional layer of pathogen protection for food processing facilities, including beef processing, pork packers, poultry producers and ready-to-eat facilities.

This foot-operated unit sanitizes employee footwear soles to reduce cross-contamination in the production area or other critical control zones.

The HACCP SmartStep uses compressed air to deliver a finely atomized mist of Alpet D2 surface sanitizer to the bottom of the employee's footwear, using only 0.2 ounces of chemical. Its 58% isopropyl alcohol/quaternary formulation is a ready-to-use, no-rinse sanitizer that is NSF-registered, Kosher-certified and is said to kill 99.99% of tested bacteria, including E.Coli, listeria and Salmonella.

The compact footprint allows it to be installed practically anywhere in the processing facility and comes with optional handles and boot scrubber.

Best Sanitizers, Inc.


Cambridge Engineered Solutions, Cambridge, Md., rolled out SLATrak, a new Teflon-slatted, non-stick surface conveyor belt designed for the par-fried process of lightly breaded food products such as chicken fingers and nuggets, panko and tempura-battered seafood, onion rings and vegetables.

SLATrak is used to carry food products a few feet inside the fryer to allow the breading to fry and crust without sticking to the belt. It then transfers to a standard metal belt inside the same fryer to finish the frying process.

Cambridge Engineered Solutions


Van der Graaf, Shelby Township, Mich., introduced a new SSV design drum motor, created to address the challenges of sanitation in food processing facilities.  

The Van der Graaf drum motor houses all drive components inside the drum. There are no rotating parts outside the conveyor frame, eliminating drive pinch points, thus resulting in increased operator safety.  In the drive, the electric motor and gear reducer are in line, which is said to result in efficiencies up to 30% better than traditional 90-degree gear reducers. In addition, the drum motor is vented, creating zero internal pressure, extending seal life and lowering operational temperature.

For use with modular plastic or extruded belts, the drum motor can be supplied with a continuous all stainless-steel profile to provide positive drive along the entire width of the belt.

Van der Graaf Corp.