Ramar Foods, Pittsburg, Calif., extended its Magnolia Ice Cream line to include Kona Coffee Chocodamia Nut, a flavor selected by social media fan votes submitted Magnolia kona coffee ice creamthrough the company’s “Discover Our Next Flavor” Facebook contest.

Kona Coffee Chocodamia Nut is an ultra-premium ice cream infused with cold brewed Kona coffee from Hawaii. The flavor was modeled off Magnolia Ice Cream’s Thai Tea flavor.

“Our Magnolia Ice Cream fans on social media are the most active and engaged fans of any of our brands. They send us photos of their ice cream cones at events, they share how they are enjoying Magnolia when celebrating a family birthday, they even post Magnolia Ice Cream selfies on Instagram,” says PJ Quesada, vice president. “We are really thankful for our Magnolia community and appreciate their feedback. We thought it would be great fun to give them ownership over what new flavor should be.”

This, and other Magnolia ice cream flavors, are made using traditional tropical recipes with up to 30% fresh fruit puree from exotic fruits that are farmed in the tropical islands of Southeast Asia. Magnolia Ice Cream is available at Asian retailers nationwide and select gourmet retailers for a suggested retail price of $4.49 per pint.