Skaginn,an Icelandic-based manufacturer of freezing and chilling equipment, completed an individually-quick frozen (IQF) frozen scallop processing line for Seatrade Skaginn IQF scallopsInternational’s Lakeville, Mass., facility.

The new processing line, the model MBF 3000, will process up to 6,000 pounds of scallops per hour. Other features include a clean-in-place system that reduces cleaning time, raised freezing cabinet that eliminates frost penetration into the foundation floor and a gentle in-feed that maximizes yield.

“We selectedSkaginn's IQF processing line because we were looking for an ammonia-based system that delivered a high-quality product at the best per pound cost. Skaginn exceeded our expectations. Their engineering team has worked with us to come up with a custom design that will allow us to achieve our ambitious processing goals and save on energy costs as well,” says Robert Blais, director of Seatrade International Co., Inc., Topsfield, Mass.

“Seatrade came to us with very specific requirements for production and quality,” adds Skaginn Skúlason, sales and engineering executive atSkaginn.“They are concerned about maintaining their reputation as a quality packer and meeting seasonal requirements.  The line we built for Seatrade uses a dip-and-spray glazing system that maximizes shelf life and quality.”

Skaginn’smulti-belt IQF freezer is extremely versatile, and can process meat, poultry and produce with equal efficiency. The anodized, Teflon-coated, patented aluminum belt guarantees rapid cooling and conserves energy by crusting the product immediately on contact.