Canada-based Clearwater Seafoods expanded its value-added portfolio with the launch of four new scallop and shrimp products, including Scallop Selects, Bacon Clearwater shrimp and sauceWrapped Scallop Selects, Shrimp with Scallops & Sauce and Shrimp & Sauce.

“Consumers care more than ever about the foods they're eating and are looking for products reflecting culinary trends," says Jeff Duffin, global vice president of marketing. "Our R&D and culinary teams continue to work with high-quality, sustainably-sourced and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified seafood to deliver our newest formats and flavor profiles."

The Scallop Selects are made by forming natural and wild-caught Patagonian scallops into larger uniform medallions and then individually quick freezing them for freshness.

Meanwhile, the Bacon Wrapped Scallop Selects yield a remarkably similar appearance, taste and texture to sea scallops, giving operators and consumers a high-quality alternative.

Shrimp with Scallops & Sauce is an addition to the company's Scallops & Sauce line. Wild-caught coldwater shrimp and tender, bite-size Argentine scallops are coated in gluten-free garlic cream, tomato cream or zesty marinara sauces.

Lastly, the Scallops & Sauce line reflects consumers' demand for easy-to-prepare, restaurant-quality at-home meals.

All products are available to foodservice operators and grocery retailers across North America.