Frequentz, Los Altos, Calif., launched its Information Repository & Intelligence Server (IRIS), an event-driven traceability server that provides organizations Frequentz IRIS traceability(manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and government agencies) complete visibility across the life cycle of a product.

IRIS allows agricultural, industrial and retail clients to track, trace and store all information around product development and supply chain logistics in a central, serialized data repository. Whether gaining greater visibility, tracking food from farm-to-fork or reducing risk of exposure, IRIS provides clients real-time access to the complete life history and quality assurance of a product from manufacturing through distribution to point-of-purchase.

Key benefits of IRIS include:

·         Visibility into inventory, Good Manufacturing Practices and chain of custody.

·         Bundled intelligence to enable rapid development of custom applications.

·         GS1-compliant and harmonized EPCIS for easy supply chain management.

·         Flexible deployment models.

·         High-performance run times.

·         Scalable applications.

·         Adaptable interoperability with various regulatory and trading partners.

·         Track-and-trace analytics.

·         Robustness that surpasses 1million event records daily.

·         Discovery of contaminated products.

·         Mandated API and facility identifier track and trace.