FoodLogiQ, Durham, N.C., released product enhancements to its Track + Trace food traceability technology solution to include enhancements to supplier reporting and monitoring as well as nine new reporting modules.

Based on GS1 standards, the product, location and critical tracking event data gathered in FoodLogiQ gives food companies complete visibility of their supply chain from farm to fork. The new enhancements allow FoodLogiQ customers to analyze supplier participation and actively identify data gaps in their traceability programs.

Additional features include the ability to:

  • Actively identify top-tier suppliers reporting event data in compliance with your traceability program.
  • Actively monitor the average and total number of days since the last data submission from supply chain partners.  
  • Ability to uncover suppliers who are behind on submitting traceability data for high-risk products.
  • Ability to monitor traceability data from all of supply chain locations.