ArrowStream, Chicago, significantly enhanced its OnDemand platform to allow greater visibility, savings and control through predictive and actionable insights for foodservice operators.

OnDemand now features an interface that directs restaurant chains and other foodservice providers to better manage spend, inventory, contracts, promotions and pricing, as well as new features that enable restaurants and their corporate offices to quickly respond to quality issues. 

OnDemand aggregates data from a restaurant’s supply chain partners to provide management with unparalleled levels of insight, transparency and control over their food supply chain. With OnDemand, restaurant supply chains can improve operations using inventory-monitoring features that examinecurrent, allocated and pending distributor inventory levels and alert them when products are at risk or out of stock. OnDemand’s category-spend and compliance analytics allow exception-driven oversight and planning for both perishable and non-perishable spend.  

OnDemand also simplifies the process of managing supplier contracts by streamlining communication between the restaurant chain and all of its suppliers, and enabling them to view and manage individual contracts on a continuous basis. Automated spend audits alert users to price discrepancies or changes, and indicate when contracts are about to expire.