Las Vegas-based WeighPack Systems delivers a complete packaging solution to weigh and fill mini potatoes into a carry handle pouch.

The solution consists of the PrimoCombi combination scale and dual discharge with automatic chutes and two Swifty horizontal baggers for pre-made pouches. The PrimoCombi is an open frame combination scale capable of handling a wide range of applications. A product stopper is available for delicate products such as mini potatoes to lessen impact and reduce product bruising. 

The dual discharge with automatic chutes is equipped with a pneumatic gate that moves back and forth. The automatic discharger then directs product through the chutes. From the discharge chutes, product is transferred using two smart conveyors into two Swifty 1200s.

Engineered to automatically open, fill and seal pre-made pouches, the Swifty Bagger includes an easy-load bag feeder that ensures a consistent pouch feeding, a straight flow design that allows for complete visibility and accessibility of parts and large removable access panels in both the front and back of the bagger for easy setup and cleaning.

WeighPack Systems, a Paxiom Group company