Neogen Corp., Lansing, Mich., announced its new AccuPoint Advanced system (integrated sampler, reader and software), which provides a fast and accurate way to monitor cleanliness by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on surfaces or in liquids.

The AccuPoint Advanced system’s scale allows for higher resolution across a broad range. By using Data Manager software to review results, it can help detect slight changes in plant ATP levels.

The AccuPoint Advanced system integrates the best in sampler design and chemistry, fast time to result and the ability to establish baselines over time to help make informed decisions.

AccuPoint Advanced samplers were designed to use minimal plastic. Also, part of the design was to ensure that all recovered ATP gets converted to signal, so having the needed reagents in close proximity helps eliminate any loss of signal.

Neogen’s proprietary sampler is designed specifically to maximize recovery of ATP from surfaces and liquids. The newly developed liquid stable chemistry provides more consistent results. Samplers can be kept out of refrigeration for up to two weeks. Samples are said to show up to 10 times greater recovery than traditional ATP swabs.

With updated firmware and RFID technology, it offers faster time to result (<20 seconds), allowing for more data collection in less time. The RFID technology streamlines the process of collecting hygiene data by choosing the site to be tested based on customer preference. Unique relative light unit (RLU) scale offers higher resolution across all levels to identify deviations in ATP baselines. AccuPoint Advanced’s Data Manager software allows users to streamline the testing process by quickly creating test plans, syncing important data and keeping a permanent record of hygiene results to verify SSOPs.

Users can view pass rate percentages for an entire facility, groups, sites or users to help drive continuous improvement. Use the rank report to quickly identify areas that need attention, and use the trend report to view RLU baselines. Maintain records for audit compliance. And, the firmware upgrades feature keeps reader current.

Neogen Corp.