Mariposa Dairy selected Flowcrete flooring for its new 40,000-square-foot processing facility in Canada.

The new processing facility, built and project managed by the Tri-Mach Group, Canada, features new state-of-the-art equipment designed to accommodate rising packaging volumes, expansion into overseas markets, find efficiencies through reduced water use and meet Europe’s strict quality control standards for exports.

The move comes at a time of significant growth and success for the dairy brand.

In 2014, Mariposa Dairy, based in Canada, processed 8 million liters of goat’s milk, up from just 4.5 million liters from two years prior. Making a new production site was a must-have to keep up with the growing demand from supermarkets for artisanal goats and sheep cheeses.

Flowcrete Americas, Spring, Texas, in conjunction with Canada-based flooring applicator partner, Abate & Associates Inc., provided over 8,000 square feet of MMA flooring materials. MMA flooring is best know for its fast cure properties, meaning that large expanses of concrete can be coated and returned to service under a quick turnaround, allowing follow-on trades almost immediate access to the site and ensuring any downtime or halt to production for end user brands is kept to a minimum.

Mariposa Dairy owners Bruce and Sharon Vandenberg selected a combination of Flowcrete Americas’ Flowfast Quartz and Flowfast Flakes on account of the material’s ability to marry durability, speed and aesthetics while upholding food safety and hygiene standards. Flowfast Quartz is a more robust system, containing robust-colored quartz beads for enhanced durability, strength and traction underfoot, whereas Flowfast Flakes is a decorative MMA floor system, in which colored floor flakes are broadcast on top of an MMA slurry and sealed to provide an attractive, smooth matt floor finish that delivers excellent wear, stain and UV resistance. Both systems are ideal for use in food and beverage processing environments looking to minimize downtime and deliver a seamless, joint-free finish that is easy to sanitize.