Minneapolis-based Pelican BioThermal introduced Crēdo on Demand, a new rental service providing Crēdo Xtreme pallet shippers to a number of worldwide consolidation centers.

The Crēdo on Demand program offers 12-day standard rentals, including qualification reports and a clean, freshly refurbished pallet shipper. Customers can pick up and drop off shippers at any of the company’s service centers or return to a regional consolidation center for an additional fee. The pallet shippers can also be pre-conditioned at 2-8°C, 15-25°C or sub -20°C.

The high-performance, durable and reusable passive temperature-controlled pallet shipper comes in two sizes and is ideal for consolidating large domestic and international cargo shipments.

Design features include:

·         Aninnovative modular design with full-stack pallet system. The added convenience of 4-sided forklift accessibility provides ease of loading and warehouse storage logistics. An attached tie-down strap system allows for quick loading and unloading.

·         Hibernation feature, which activates if the shipper is delayed and placed into cold storage during transit. The CrēdoXtreme shipper will not only continue to protect the payload from thermal excursions, but will also lock on its current duration indefinitely until removed from cold storage.

·         Extended passive thermal shipping duration capabilities without bulky, messy gel/ice packs or dry ice.

·         No electricity, dry ice or batteries required, providing more transportation choices and alleviating payload excursion risk due to power failure.

·         Multiple temperature ranges (refrigerated, frozen and controlled room temperature) with the company’s patented, interchangeable, easy pack-out TIC system with phase change material.

Pelican BioThermal