Omnitracs, LLC, Dallas, introduced new branding, created to unify its specialized business units under a single compelling naming, messaging and creative architecture. Elements of the new brand platform include a contemporary redesign of the corporate logo, original tagline, refined core messaging and engaging design treatments.

“Over the past few years and through a series of strategic acquisitions, Omnitracs has grown to become a global force in comprehensive fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes, whether private or for-hire,” says John Graham, chief executive officer. “The new brand platform—from creative to messaging—properly aligns our distinct business units under the power of a single, well-respected brand—Omnitracs. The new branding is representative of the collective strength of our uniquely varied expertise, our continuous innovation and drive to revolutionize the transportation industry and our ability to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers for today and tomorrow.”

A cornerstone of Omnitracs’ new brand is its signature, comprising the logo and tagline. The modern symbol that accompanies the “Omnitracs” logotype illustrates motion, innovation and convergence. The tagline “innovation. driven.” speaks to the core attributes of the company and reflects both its inventive nature and focus on delivering the most reliable and valuable solutions available. Each business unit is now directly linked with the corporate brand through the addition of “Omnitracs” to each business name. Business units include Omnitracs Roadnet, Omnitracs XRS, Omnitracs Sylectus, Omnitracs Analytics and Omnitracs Mexico. Omnitracs also introduced eight service lines—compliance, safety and security, productivity, telematics and tracking, transportation management system, planning and delivery, data and analytics and professional services.