J&J Snack Foods Corp., Pennsauken, N.J., announced two filled varieties of OREO churros to meet the demands of consumers seeking a grab-and-go snack experience.

The new line extensions include 10-inch Creme Filled OREO churros and OREO Churros Creme Filled Bites, both made from real OREO cookie pieces with cream filling inside. These new items are available in the foodservice channel nationwide, with the bites available in the frozen dessert section of retail stores nationwide.

"We were overwhelmed by the national buzz surrounding the original OREO churros, so immediately began working on a product line extension, so that the snack was available to dippers or grippers," says Gerry Shreiber, president and CEO. "With five different varieties of filled and non-filledOREO churros available, we feel confident the portfolio now fits into any snacking occasion—whether around the table, in the car, at a movie theatre, on the sidelines of a sporting event or wherever else our consumers enjoy time with family and friends."

J&J Snack Foods also launched an OREO Cookie Crumb/Sugar Topping in which all OREO churros can be rolled in after heating.