Now available with a stainless-steel housing, Amacoil-Uhing Model RS drive nuts provide smooth backlash-free linear motion in food processing machine design. Unlike a screw, the RS drive nut runs on a smooth shaft, eliminating the potential for food particles and other debris to become trapped in threads. If material falls onto the shaft, it is easily removed by wiping the shaft with a clean cloth.

To further enhance clean operation, the nut may be fitted with shaft scrapers, which continually wipe the shaft clean as the nut moves back and forth.

RS linear drive nuts offer axial thrust from 22-449 pounds. The drive operates on the rolling ring engineering principle, which produces linear motion from a rotating shaft while assuring no play or backlash during movement of the drive nut. Available in 10 sizes to meet varying payload and thrust requirements, the RS drive nut is suitable for vertical or horizontal travel.

Amacoil, Inc.