Mekitec LLC, an Irving, Texas-based x-ray manufacturer and supplier of x-ray inspection systems, announced a strategic partnership with Bizerba, a German supplier of industrial systems, to supply its Meki range of inspection systems.

The company's Meki line is a range of x-ray inspection solutions detect metal, glass, bone, stone and other dense contaminants that may inadvertently find their way into food products.

"With Bizerba, we have found the perfect fit; a high-quality partner with a long-time, strong reputation in the food industry,” says Terry Woolford, chief operating officer of Mekitec. “Through combining our x-ray experience with Bizerba's food process experience and complimentary product range, we are again expanding our reach in North America. Both companies have a keen focus on providing high-quality solutions to their customers, Mekitec is delighted to be a part of Bizerba's total offering. We have designed the Meki range to be very space economical and is ideal for high-speed packaged products commonly found in the meat, dairy and produce industries."

"We at Bizerba are pleased to announce our partnership with Mekitec,” adds Robert Slykhuis, president and CEO, Bizerba North America, Piscataway, N.J. “Together with Mekitec, we developed a strategy for economical solutions in food safety. Mekitec's x-ray technology and our continued innovation in all our current products will ensure that we can deliver the best solutions in the market today and for the future."