Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., developed the new Helix Upender, also known as a "twist-"style conveyor, typically used to change product orientation by 90 or 180 degrees, clockwise or counter-clockwise, to facilitate inkjet printing, labeling, case packing or even hand-pack operations.

Constructed with two table-top chains set at 90 degrees, products enter the system supported on the bottom chain. As they transport, the two chains simultaneously twist, causing the product to rotate.

Helix upenders are also used for hand-pack operations to rotate the product going into a secondary package, or to rotate the case, so the product can be more easily inserted inside the case. These units readily accept multiple size products without the need for changeover.

An arm-style upender is an angled "arm" that is mounted alongside the main transport conveyor. The product is guided to the side of the conveyor, which engages the upender arm, moving the product up the arm, thus changing its orientation by 90 degrees. 

Products range from cartons, cases, pouches, bags, wrapped trays, bundles, cans, bottles and more.