Wildeck, Inc., Waukesha, Wis., introduced three new guard rail systems that allow customers to choose the level of impact protection needed for different areas within the facility. 

Where fork truck traffic is heavy and the potential damage and injury from an accident can run high, Wildeck’s new Wilgard XT (XTra Tough) guard rail is the recommended solution. Wilgard XT is said to be the strongest and highest-quality industrial guard rail on the market, subjecting a 10-foot-long section to a dynamic forklift impact test and able to withstand an impact from a 13,000-pound load traveling at 4 mph. Wilgard XT guard rail also provides a 10-inch safe zone behind the rails.

The new “middle-toughness” Wilgard MT guard rail is certified to withstand an impact from a 10,000-pound load traveling at 4 mph. Wilgard MT guard rail also provides a substantial 11-inch safe zone behind the rails.

Wildeck’s new “lighter-toughness” Wilgard LT guard rail is ideal for lighter-duty guarding of personnel areas, workstations, walkways, finished goods staging areas, loading docks, truck pits and more. Wilgard LT rails are corrugated 14-gauge steel with hemmed/rolled edges.

Wilgard guard rail systems can be ordered with either 18-, 43- or 44-inch-high columns to support single-, double- or triple-rail guard rail requirements. A lift-out guard rail is available for single-rail or double-rail configurations to protect inventory, machinery or equipment for servicing, cleaning or repair. A SaferGate pedestrian crossing gate that bolts directly to existing Wilgard guard rail columns is also available.

Wildeck also demonstrated its new JiffyStair modular knock-down stair system, a fully-palletized stairway system, ideal for access in tight places such as pick modules and to elevated equipment platforms or mezzanine structures.

Meanwhile, Wildeck’s subsidiary, Ladder Industries, Goodyear, Ariz., showcased an array of standard access products and custom design capabilities, including Rolastair mobile ladder with StepLock, modular and palletized knock-down JiffyStair, vertical step-over conveyor crossover and the company’s new EdgeAlert open gate alarm system.

Wildeck, Inc.


Seegrid, Pittsburgh, Pa., announced the addition of Subway Platform displays to its Supervisor product. These displays are designed to reduce downtime in the supply chain by providing subway-style estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) projections and data collection capabilities at each station where Seegrid’s vision-guided vehicles (VGVs) retrieve or deliver materials. The new feature is part of Seegrid Supervisor, the fleet management tool that enables users to remotely connect, monitor and control their fleet of VGVs.

The Subway Platform concept was developed in coordination with Whirlpool Corp., Benton Harbor, Mich., which uses Seegrid’s vision guided pallet trucks and tow tractors to increase safety and efficiency in its manufacturing operations.

Seegrid Supervisor uses web technology inside customer facilities to fill the communication gaps created from machine automation by establishing two-way dialogue between humans and their robotic co-workers.

Seegrid Corp.


Rite-Hite, Milwaukee, Wis., introduced the LED Virtual Vision light communication system, designed to improve worker safety in and around high-speed doors. The Virtual Vision system employs motion sensors on each side of the door. When the sensors detect movement in the door area, a strip of red LED lights flash on the opposite side. This warns forklift operators and pedestrians that another object (such as a forklift, worker or AGV) is approaching the door from the other side or is in close proximity to it. The Virtual Vision system is an alternative to high-speed doors that use clear plastic vision panels. It can also be a complement to vision panel doors, since their sight lines may be too high to see low-to-the-ground objects like AGVs.

Meanwhile, LED Countdown lets workers know exactly how much time there is before a high-speed door closes. When the door is approached, an up arrow signals the door is about to open. Numbers appears in white lights until two seconds remain, when the numbers change to yellow, cautioning that the door is preparing to close. Once the red downward arrow appears, the door shuts until it is reactivated again.

LED Pre-Announce also notifies workers when a door is about to close. Once a worker has cleared the sensor’s detection, LED lights flash amber while the re-close timer counts down. The lights will turn a solid red while the door is closing, notifying personnel to steer clear of the area.

Rite-Hite Corp.


ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., launched the Pally, which combines the mobility of a dolly with the functionality of a static pallet to enable new and enhanced material handling capabilities. This unique performance results in greater end-to-end supply chain versatility for increased efficiency.

When mobile, the Pally quickly converts to static mode with a press of the pedal. When static, the rubber-braking stabilizers ensure the Pally withstands lateral force, allowing it to be safely stored, displayed or transported. Its patented cam mechanism is designed for many activations.

The Pally comes with fully field-repairable components, such as wheel covers, pop-up locators and casters. The corner grips and pop-up locators keep tote loads in place and improve trailer and storage organization and density. The optional locking handle allows the Pally to be pushed or pulled, and the contoured deck handles and lightweight structure enable ergonomic handling.

For easy warehouse integration, the Pally is designed to interface with standard material handling equipment, including 4-way fork truck and 2-way hand truck access.


Egemin, Holland, Mich., developed the second attachment for the E’gv compact tugger’s base—the counterbalance fork—designed to work in many common material handling areas and for replacing manual trucks to reduce product damage and increase throughput.

The counterbalance fork model boasts a lift capacity of 2,500 pounds, ideal for simple moves throughout a facility, such as single-height racking, empty pallet storage, palletizer pick and drop, dropping on stands and floor storage. Since it can be intermingled with standard or custom E’gvs in existing or new systems, the standard or custom vehicles can do the complex tasks such as trailer loading and unloading.

Plus, the E’gv compact counterbalance fork vehicle can move those loads from the floor to an inbound conveyor or storage.

Egemin Automation Inc.