Buckhorn Inc., Milford, Ohio, expanded its Intrepid intermediate bulk container product line, making it now available with or without a drop door in top or bottom discharge configurations.

The bottom discharge is designed specifically for ease of use for liquid applications, while the drop door provides better access to contents and improves ergonomics when installing a disposable liner.

Constructed of FDA-approved material, Intrepid is reusable and 100% recyclable, offers a smooth interior and exterior for easy cleaning and stacks up to 240 containers per 53-foot trailer. 

Intrepid can be used for temporary storage, work in process, incoming ingredients, shipments among plants and shipments to customers. Its heavy duty design can handle loads up to 2,500 pounds. The container's non-sequential folding panels assemble and collapse in seconds. Intrepid is stackable with or without lids, and offers a 3.3:1 return ratio. 

Buckhorn, Inc.


Hyster Co., Greenville, N.C., unveiled the new H50XT truck, a powerful and dependable workhorse, designed to outperform the competition in both fuel efficiency and productivity.

Hyster exhibited its complete line of BE100Z enclosed end rider, S40FT ICE cushion tire truck with trucking mast, N45ZR2 narrow aisle reach truck, H50XT ICE pneumatic tire truck, E50XN cushion tire truck with Nuvera PowerEdge, S120FT ICE cushion tire truck with Bolzoni paper roll clamp and H360-48HD big truck with tier 4 final engine.

Hyster also showcased alternative power solutions such as Nuvera PowerEdge hydrogen fuel cell technology, the Hyster UL-recognized lithium-ion battery, which is said to be the first of its kind in the lift truck industry. Hyster also featured its fleet management, maintenance and Hyster Tracker wireless asset management systems, designed to enhance lift truck performance and operational productivity.

Hyster Co.


RM2 USA, Chatham, N.J., revealed its total pallet solution—the new BLOCKPal engineered composite pallet, designed for use in supply chains with high-volume traffic levels and/or demanding operating environments such as packaging, fast moving consumer goods, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and more. The BLOCKPal is said to reduces global warming potential by 21%over wood block pallets, reduce primary energy demand by 50%over wood block pallets and better fill a vehicle in 17%less reverse logistics trucking.

RM2 also entered into a landmark alliance with China-based Zhenshi Holding Group Co. Ltd. for production of the new BLOCKPal pallet. Zhenshi is a major shareholder of China Jushi Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of fiberglass, which is one of the key raw materials used in the manufacture of the BLOCKpal pallet. The agreement will allow for the mass production of the BLOCKpal pallet in Tongxiang, adjacent to the principal Jushi fiberglass manufacturing plant. Initial production is expected to be deployed in Q1 2017, and will target circa 1.5 million pallets per annum, with projected growth to at least 5 million pallets per annum in the medium term. Pallets produced at the facility will initially be deployed to RM2's North American and European customers.


I.D. Systems, Woodcliff Lake, N.J., introduced PowerFleet IQ, which provides analytics on the utilization and safety of forklifts, order pickers, reach trucks and tow tractors, and VeriWise IQ for fleets of containers, trailers and other transportation assets.

PowerFleet IQ and VeriWise IQ provide a holistic view of asset activity across an enterprise supply chain. The systems generate asset performance metrics, site-by-site assessments, enterprise-wide benchmarks and peer industry comparisons for facility managers, fleet managers and corporate executives.

How it works is, PowerFleet IQ and VeriWise IQ convey data through key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and detailed reports that are automatically emailed to users. The KPIs answer critical questions, including How effectively are assets being managed? How efficiently are asset fleets being utilized? Are operations being conducted safely? Is asset management technology being used to its full potential?

The analytics software starts with high-level, strategic data elements, such as geographical distribution of asset utilization, asset performance trends, asset performance compared to the user’s enterprise average and peer industry and asset management system health. The software also drills down to tactical details at the site and individual asset levels, pinpointing best practice, average and underperforming fleet facilities and assets.

I.D. Systems, Inc.


DMLogic, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa., released STEPLogic, an adaptive software product that offers customers the ability to easily configure, customize and enhance their existing warehouse management systems (WMS) software while avoiding changes to the core software.

Features include:

  • Enables users to personalize WMS through the development of their own apps.  
  • Replaces traditional development tasks with user-friendly auto-scripted steps.
  • Provides decision tree analyses so users can build or change processes to better fit their needs.
  • Users can design new interactive dialogues, build screens and reports and enhance QA procedures, while automatically logging every input and step.
  • STEPLogic apps can be applied to just about any function in the warehouse operation.  
  • Using the graphical visualizer tool within STEPLogic, the user can see new processes come to life, making tasks easier, while extending what they can do to make their operation more efficient.    

STEPLogic can be deployed on mobile devices, including most RF and voice devices, as well as any Android or Apple device.

DMLogic, LLC


Bell and Howell, Durham, N.C., partnered with Cleveron, Estonia, to develop PackRobot, a dramatic advance in intelligent systems for consumer delivery and pickup of parcels and packages. Designed for indoor or outdoor environments, PackRobot features an adjustable internal climate control, ideal for temperature-sensitive food and groceries. PackRobot measures each parcel’s dimensions and uses a patented 3D lift system that dynamically configures a locker slot to optimally secure the parcel. Doing so results in capacity for three times more parcels than conventional smart lockers, as well as maximizing economic use of indoor or outdoor floor space. This patented innovation combines advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with modern consumer-friendly, space-efficient ergonomic design and aesthetics to bring the convenience of smart lockers to new environments.

Bell and Howell also unveiled its Raptor series labeling solution, which features a high-throughput and easy label roll changeover to reduce the number of labelers needed and increase the performance of a production line currently limited by traditional labelers. Features include liner-free label technology, which delivers 80% more labels per roll, variable-length labels are produced dynamically by a single unit, the unique label-on-label mode allows standard label stock to be used to apply return label, packing slip and shipping labels in a stack, advanced technology achieves print speed of 14 inches per second, the patented and high-speed label cutter is self-sharpening and auto-lubricating for trouble-free operation, modular components are replaceable in minutes, pivoting design allows the print-and-apply mechanism to be easily adjusted and serviced and it readily integrates with external systems to retrieve label data, perform high-speed tracking and perform intelligent exception handling.

Bell and Howell