Taylored Services, a Los Angeles-based provider of distribution, fulfillment and warehousing, added 225,636 square feet of warehousing space in Fontana, Calif.

“Today, 70% of our distribution center space is located in Southern California, near the nation’s busiest ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. At the same time, we have remained true to our roots with distribution centers near the Ports of New York and New Jersey,” says Jim DeVeau, chief executive officer.“We work with a diversified client base, including wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, and our expertise extends to multiple brand and accessory categories. We have invested significantly in systems and technology and maintain long-term relationships with all of the other interim suppliers along our clients’ boxes journey. As a result, our clients can track their merchandise at every step through and from our warehouse to multiple points of destination.”

"We are very excited to support the needs of our current clients with the addition of this facility while also giving us the opportunity to add new clients,” he adds. “The acquisition of this facility helps keep Taylored Services on track to achieve our 5-year growth plans. There are exciting things happening with the growth in demand on warehousing, distribution and ecommerce fulfillment services in the Los Angeles area, and Taylored Services is excited to be taking part in that growth.”