Country Pure Foods, Akron, Ohio, purchased the assets of The Ridgefield’s Brand Corp., which includes Smooth-Frozen Ridgefield’s SideKicks and Cup Slushies products. Ridgefield’s 100% fruit juice products will allow Country Pure Foods to provide school nutrition customers with more meal choices for students.

“This line is a natural extension of our 100% vegetable and fruit juices that are served in schools today,” said Raymond Lee, president and co-CEO of Country Pure Foods. “Ridgefield’s product line has shown steady growth, and we believe this will be accelerated by our extensive sales force that will provide rapid expansion into new markets. In addition, we plan to launch a new line extension that will credit as a vegetable.” 

Ridgefield’s SideKicks qualify for National School Lunch Program (NSLP) federal reimbursement by crediting as a ½ cup fruit serving toward weekly USDA required totals. In addition, Ridgefield’s SideKicks are compliant with the new “Smart Snack” rule, which sets standards for items that can be sold in a school’s à la carte program.

Ridgefield’s Brand Corp. is based in Montgomery Village, Md.