Happy Planet, Canada, launched Daily Squeeze, a new line of fresh, all-natural fruit-plus-vegetable juices, available in Green Apple, Kiwi, Kale and Spinach; Blackcurrant, Beets and Purple Carrot; and Mango, Carrot and Orange.

“Consumers are replacing nutritionally deficient beverages—that’s the fruit drinks with added sugars, or carbonated soft drinks, or drink powders—with something that’s more nutrient dense and has more goodness to it,” says Ursula Klein, marketing manager. “We thought, ‘how do we up the ante and deliver more goodness and still a delicious taste to the consumer? And that’s where we thought we’d succeed with the Daily Squeeze, which was three servings of fruit and vegetables [per 250 mL].”

Daily Squeeze comes in 900-mL bottles and boasts a suggested retail price of $5.99.