Vermont dairy producers formed the Vermont Dairy Producers Alliance, Montpelier, Vt., created to increase the voice of dairy farming in both the regulatory and legislative arenas. The alliance will work together with members, industry partners and state government officials to adopt regulations that won’t cripple the economic viability of the Vermont dairy industry.

“Dairy farming has become increasingly difficult both financially and agriculturally. Milk pricing reflects a supply/demand balance of markets, both domestic and global, which at times fall below the cost of doing business. At the same time, Vermont farmers have been working to improve farm practices for cost efficiencies, productivity and concerns pertaining to environmental quality,” says Richard Hall, co-owner of Fairmont Farm, East Montpelier, Vt.

“With any new organization, having a strong board of directors committed to our dairy producers, the industry and its infrastructure will be integral to achieving our goals. We are proud to announce the founding board members of the alliance,” adds Bill Rowell, co-owner of Green Mountain Dairy, Sheldon, Vt.

Founding board members include Hall, Rowell, Ralph McNall, Two Rivers Farm; Travis Michaud, Kingdom Creamery; Margaret Gladstone, Newmont Farm, LLC; and Brian Carpenter, Champlain Valley Equipment.

“The dairy industry is the backbone of Vermont 's economy, from the dairy farmers themselves to the dairy processors, feed companies and all the other businesses that support the dairy industry representing nearly 7,000 jobs. Dairy farmers are working very hard in tough economic times to produce the highest quality product while doing their part to protect and conserve the environment,” Michaud, co-owner of Kingdom Creamery, East Hardwick, Vt.