UK-based fresh produce wholesaler Wellocks introduced a new temperature-controlled trailer into its fleet—said to be the first Ekeri trailer of this type to go into operation in the UK.

The side-opening design, manufactured by Ekeri, Finland, makes for easier access and loading, saving at least 30 minutes on each daily run. The 14-foot-high class A carries ambient and chilled products down to 0°F.

The flexible Wellocks trailer is just one of a wide range of vehicles manufactured in Ekeri’s factory in Kolppi, Finland. Ekeri has been building trailers for over 70 years, expanding from its Finnish base, selling into Scandinavia, the Baltic states, the Netherlands, UK and Germany.

Ekeri’s products include truck bodies with side doors, and drawbar and center-axle trailers, semi-trailers, city trailers and step-frame trailers, all employing the latest technology, including 3D modeling. Likewise, the door mechanism, sliding racks, rails, hinges and locks all use the highest-quality materials and easy-to-install and easy-to-replace reinforced rubber seals.

The flexible, side-opening trailers enable companies to get good return loads.

“You can unload from the side—this is a major benefit in Scandinavia, and of course, an advantage which is now available in the UK,” says Mikael Eklund, chief executive officer of Ekeri. “The system is suitable for most types of cargo, and our customers report significant time saving from being able to load and unload items without needing to enter through the back doors.”

Also, Ekeri’s load restraint system enables customers to place the securing straps wherever they want, and as many as they want, which is especially important when loading from the side. Side-opening doors also allow companies to carry out multiple drops and pick-ups.

“Although it’s nothing new for the Scandinavian market, it is relatively new and catching on fast in other parts of Europe,” says Eklund. “We only produce side-opening trailers - nothing else.”