Gorton’s, Gloucester, Mass., launched redesigned packaging, making it easier for consumers to find the products that meet their needs.

The redesigned packaging will divide Gorton’s extensive offerings of frozen prepared seafood products. It’s currently hitting grocery shelves, and will completely replace existing packaging by 2017.

“Consumers don’t tend to linger in the frozen aisle. They want to quickly find what they are looking for and move on,” says Gavin Kennedy, director of consumer marketing. “At shelf, consumers were often overwhelmed by the sea of our familiar bright yellow packaging, which is a beacon for our section, but makes it difficult to distinguish one type of Gorton’s product from another. Our new look makes it much easier for our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for as they plan their meals.”

Before moving forward with the redesign, Gorton’s conducted extensive consumer research and learned that new packaging design would better distinguish between product types and more quickly communicate unique product benefits.

The change in packaging coincides with a company-wide effort to simplify the ingredients across the entire line of Gorton’s products, focusing on real ingredients like freshly baked breadcrumbs, real garlic and herbs and grated Parmesan cheese. This new look will better reflect what Gorton’s has always offered consumers—superior quality, 100% real fish with no fillers or artificial flavors and wild-caught or sustainably sourced farm-raised seafood.

The redesigned packaging will still include the company’s iconic “fisherman at the wheel” at the top, but now the products will be divided into three distinct segments, each with its own color and design.

For example, Delicious Classics for consumers who prioritize convenience. These items include Crispy Battered Fish Fillets and Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks, and will remain in the same familiar Gorton’s yellow packaging.

Smart Solutions for consumers who prioritize a healthier lifestyle. Items include Classic Grilled Salmon Fillets and Garlic & Herb Skillet Crisp Tilapia Fillets, in a new light and airy design with nutritional callouts that highlight better-for-you benefits like protein, fat and calories.

Everyday Gourmet for consumers who prioritize unique items and bold flavors. These chef-inspired selections of premium fish and shrimp include Roasted Garlic & Butter Simply Bake Salmon Fillets and Parmesan Crusted Cod Gourmet Fillets, and will be displayed in artisan-inspired packaging with rich brown tones.