Dow Water & Process Solutions, an Edina, Minn.-based business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., introduced DOW Specialty Membrane Elements, a series of products that provide consistent technology under such punishing operational challenges and intense conditions.

When combined with other Dow technologies, the product series provides a comprehensive solution to ultrafiltration, ion exchange resins and brackish water or seawater reverse osmosis.

Features include:

·         Ultra-high pressure RO elements for industrial process and wastewater. Operates at 1,740 psi and increases overall efficiency of minimal liquid discharge and zero liquid discharge operations while helping to reduce the size of downstream conventional treatment processes by up to 50%.

·         High-temperature RO elements for various industrial streams, including sugar. Operates at elevated temperatures of up to 80°C, and the DOW HYPERSHELL technology increases cleaning efficiency, reducing clean-in-place chemicals and water usage compared to standard mesh wrap elements.

·         High-temperature NF elements for various industrial streams. Separates sulfate or large organic molecules efficiently at elevated temperatures of up to 70°C, helping to reduce heat exchanger capacity and save energy.

·         Extra-wide feed spacer NF elements for demineralization of high, viscose liquids. Achieves higher recovery due to the extra-wide feed spacer. And, the DOW HYPERSHELL technology saves energy by up to 60% less bypass, and increases cleaning efficiency compared to standard mesh-wrap elements.


Dow Water & Process Solutions