Ben E. Keith Co., Fort Worth, Texas, acquired MenuMax, a recipe and menu management software company that provides innovative solutions for the foodservice industry.

MenuMax, Woodside, Calif., offers a fully automated cloud-based recipe and menu management system that assists in organizing and planning menus, calculating food costs and nutrition, maximizing efficiency and increasing operator profit margins. 

"The MenuMax solutions will strengthen Ben E. Keith's customer-centric digital platform, as we continue to improve our suite of applications for our customers," says Jim Ashley, chief information officer at Ben E. Keith.

Ben E. Keith will continue to service its current MenuMax customers, as well as offer and expand the brand and services for all foodservice users throughout the industry.

"In today's environment, the foodservice operator is looking for innovations to help manage their operations, and with this addition of MenuMax to our portfolio of services, we feel it is a great opportunity for us to help in this area. We continue to be known as the home of the independent operator, and it is our responsibility to make sure we provide every tool available to help them grow their business," says Ron Boyd, senior vice president of sales and marketing for MenuMax.