FoodLogiQ, LLC, Durham, N.C., and WQS Food Verification, LLC, Charlotte, N.C., announced a partnership to pair auditing services with a fully mobile, cloud-based supplier management and traceability platform. The new partnership will help food companies respond to the onslaught of auditing and certifications being driven by increased regulatory and industry standards.

WQS will leverage FoodLogiQ’s cloud-based platform FoodLogiQ Connect to schedule, track, perform and review the more than 20,000 inspections conducted annually worldwide. Within FoodLogiQ’s Manage+Monitor module, food companies, working with WQS to conduct their auditing services, can track the progress of their facility audits and certifications online in real time and review the certification process of their suppliers as well as their supplier’s suppliers.

“It really is an amazing tool that will allow us to capture audits on a mobile device in the field, sync them with our customer’s FoodLogiQ Connect community and give our customers complete visibility into the status of the audits and certification process we are conducting for them,” says Matt Regusci, chief operating officer and director of business development for WQS. “We’re excited to be working with FoodLogiQ to make the chaotic global supply chain more organized and transparent.”

WQS offers auditing services for GLOBALG.A.P., BRC, IFS, SQF and PrimusGFS, among others as well as corporate food safety standards managed by major retailers and restaurants.

“This partnership rounds out the value-added services we can offer our customers,” says Dean Wiltse, chief executive officer of FoodLogiQ. “We are thrilled to work with WQS as an industry leader in global food quality and safety certifications.”