GE Digital, San Ramon, Calif., acquired Bit Stew Systems, Canada, to bring its data intelligence capabilities to Predix and other industrial solutions. Bit Stew applies its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to automate the process of data modeling, mapping and ingestion. This acquisition will help GE Digital provide a solution to organize large amounts of data through efficient data organization at the edge or at the source of the data.

Integration of Bit Stew’s technologies into the Predix platform will provide improved ability to integrate data while it is in motion – from the edge to the cloud – and will allow industrial companies to gain better insight into data coming from the edge. This combined capability provides customers with a solution to efficiently organize large amounts of data at the source, enabling more rapid realization of industrial internet value.

GE Digital also acquired, a Berkeley, Calif.-based machine learning and intelligent systems company. This acquisition will also enables GE Digital to further accelerate development of advanced machine learning and data science offerings in the Predix platform. The team deepens GE’s machine learning stack and will spearhead innovative solutions in GE’s vertical markets to develop machine learning offerings.