DuPont Nutrition & Health, Wilmington, Del., announced a substantial investment in its New Century, Kan., laboratory, which serves the North American cheese industry.

In addition to expanded physical space, DuPont installed new equipment, including three bio fermenters to simulate external pH control starter production, an incubator for growing cultures, a cheese vat for making cheese and two environmental cabinets for aging cheese.

Previously, testing at the facility was limited to a lab environment. With these upgrades, the facility is now equipped to test cultures in real-world environments, as well as manufacture and age cheese.

“This expansion of our research and development capabilities brings us closer than ever to our customers and enables us to innovate in collaboration with them,” says Roald Mason, director of dairy sales, North America. “These improvements not only allow us to optimize our current cultures offerings and tailor them to our individual customers, but also equip us to develop new retail and finished products.”

DuPont also named Brian Bartholomew as senior applications specialist and appointed James Musetti in the application technologist role.

“These moves reinforce our commitment to the cheese and dairy industry,” says Cathy Miller, director of innovation, North America. “For years, cheesemakers and others in the dairy industry have relied on the DuPont Danisco brand of ingredients. Today, our customers continue to rely not only on our broad portfolio of ingredients, but also our unique knowledge, experience and innovation capabilities to advance their business and stay at the forefront of ideas.”