Best New Retail Products Contest Nominee 2017

Hostess Brands, LLC, Kansas City, Mo., collaborated with Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co., Fort Wayne, Ind., to launch Hostess frozen novelties and ice cream, where Nestlé will manufacture and distribute the new products under the Hostess brands.

Ding Dongs, Sno Balls and Twinkies inspired the new frozen novelties, while Twinkies, CupCakes and Sno Balls are the stars of the new ice cream flavors.

“Everyone’s favorite Hostess treats – Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Sno Balls and CupCakes – are now available in a creative new form as creamy and delicious frozen desserts,” says Ellen Copaken, vice president of marketing at Hostess. “We continually seek to reinvent our classic treats, and are excited to have this new innovation added to the freezer aisle where fans can already find our Deep Fried Twinkies.”

“Over the past year, we’ve been working closely with Hostess to perfect the recipes and pay homage to these nostalgic treats,” adds Rachel Jaiven, marketing manager for Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co. “We’re thrilled to lend our ice cream expertise to give fans a new way to enjoy their favorite classic snack cakes.”

The frozen novelties lineup entails:

Twinkie Cone, a cone with creamy Twinkie-flavored frozen dairy flavors, topped with golden sponge cake crumbles. They come four to a box for a suggested retail price of $4.49.

Ding Dong Sandwich, a twist on the classic ice cream sandwich, is a chocolatey frozen dessert sandwich that consists of smooth chocolate on the outside and creamy vanilla on the inside. The dessert sandwiches will be sold in boxes of five in grocery stores for a suggested retail price of $4.49 and sold individually at convenience stores for a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Sno Balls Bars, inspired by the iconic pink, coconut-dusted ball of marshmallow, feature the Sno Ball—a vanilla and chocolate center wrapped in delicate flakes of coconut. The dessert bars come five to a box for a suggested retail price of $4.49.

The new ice cream flavors consist of:

Twinkies, which entail bite-sized sponge cake pieces and sweet frosting swirled together in rich, creamy butter cream ice cream.

CupCakes, which is chocolate ice cream studded with bite-sized cupcake pieces and swirled with creamy frosting.

Sno Balls, the perfect marriage of bite-sized chocolate cake pieces and whipped pink coconut swirl in a silky marshmallow ice cream.

The ice cream will be available in pints for a suggested retail price of $2.99 and 48-ounce cartons for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Both lineups are available in grocery and convenience store freezers nationwide.