Best New Retail Products Contest Nominee 2017

Bonafide Provisions, San Diego, Calif., expanded its healing bone broth portfolio with new ready-to-drink USDA-organic Drinkable Veggies line.

A first in the refrigerated set for the brand, Drinkable Veggies blend the nutrition of whole organic, fresh vegetables with nutrient-dense bone broth for a one-of-a-kind way to help consumers get the daily recommended serving of vegetables.

Created by Sharon Brown, a nutritionist and certified GAPS practitioner and founder of Bonafide Provisions, together with her husband Reb Brown, a professionally trained chef, and her niece Alexandra Rains, a nutritional therapist and CrossFit coach, the line consists of five unique blends.

“Our mission is to create real, genuine, nutrient-dense foods for all, and we knew there was an opportunity in the market to provide an alternative to high-sugar, empty-calorie juices by blending whole organic, fresh vegetables with nutrient-dense bone broth,” says Brown. “The powerhouse combination of collagen and protein from bone broth, plus whole organic vegetables helps keep you full and satisfied without worrying about a sugar crash. At a time when people are busier than ever and not getting the daily vegetable nutrition they need, our Drinkable Veggies are the perfect grab-and-go option for anyone to easily get their dose of veggies – whether you’re a busy mom looking for something quick and healthy, an athlete who needs a nutrient-dense snack between training sessions or a working professional who’s after a fresh pick-me-up.”

Each Drinkable Veggies variety is less than 100 calories and is created using high-pressure processing (HPP) to ensure nutritional and functional properties of the product remain intact.

The unique blends include:

Revitalize – brimming with antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, C and K, the Revitalize blend offers a bright flavor profile with organic spinach, organic spring pea, organic lemon, organic mint, organic asparagus, celtic sea salt and organic chicken bone broth.  Lemon and mint also serve as digestive aids.

Thrive – this luxurious blend combines organic butternut squash, organic yellow onion, organic fennel, organic turmeric, celtic sea salt and organic chicken bone broth.

Revive – contains a combination of organic carrots, organic fennel, organic turmeric, celtic sea salt and organic bone broth. The carrots provide a source of vitamin A, while the fennel aids in digestion and the turmeric serves as an anti-inflammatory.

Renew –combines organic red bell pepper, organic tomato, organic burdock root, celtic sea salt and organic chicken bone broth. It is loaded with vitamin C from the bell pepper and tomato, while the burdock root helps with detoxifying and digestion.

Glow – made with organic tomato, organic red beets, organic cucumber, organic red onion, organic basil, celtic sea salt and organic chicken bone broth, this blend supports glowing skin, and is brimming with vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

Drinkable Veggies is available in natural and traditional grocers, including Whole Foods Market, nationwide.