For many Hispanic consumers, searching for the ingredients they need to make traditional meals has become a timely endeavor. A study by Cargill, Wichita, Kan., found Hispanic consumers are frustrated and visiting 3-4 stores a month due to an inability to find variety meats, a focal point in their cultural traditions. Difficulty in locating variety meats drives shoppers from traditional retailers to other channels, including local mercados and carnicerias.

This gap in consumer shopping experience illustrates the variety meats void in many grocery meat cases. Research found 73% of Hispanic shoppers agree they would shop at a particular store because it carried beef variety meats, with 76% agreeing they want to buy their variety meats at the same store as the rest of their groceries. 

“We know Hispanic consumers are interested in a line of variety meats that adds convenience to their desire to create traditional dishes and eating experiences representative of their culture and heritage,” says Carolina Tabares, brand manager for Rumba Meats.  “Our desire is to help retailers adapt to meet the needs of this influential and growing consumer demographic in the U.S.”

Currently, 55% of Hispanic shoppers spend more than $100 on groceries each trip, with 81% making one or more trips to the grocery store weekly.

Data is built on proprietary research conducted in 2016, and utilizes the responses from more than 1,000 U.S. Hispanic variety meats consumers. The purpose of the research was to provide an analysis of Hispanic variety meats consumers’ general shopping habits, including purchase and use behaviors within the variety meats category.  

In November 2016, Cargill announced plans to reposition its Rumba Meats line of fresh variety meats with an emphasis on Hispanic consumers.