Refrigeration Equipment-Specific Controllers

Logix introduced Agility, a new family of refrigeration equipment-specific controllers that leave the custom engineering overhead behind. Agility’s simple deployment delivers immediate out-of-the-box results for modernizing existing facilities. Controllers include evaporator, condenser, vessel, EPCS and mechanical room ventilation. Key features include field configurable to a majority of equipment configurations through point-and-click menu selection; complete access and documentation using wireless or Ethernet connection on any web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC); field updatable to address changing technology, efficiency and regulatory requirements; network-ready to scales from single equipment control to a complete distributed control solution; and open Modbus communication standard can be utilized by any third-party SCADA or PLC vendor.


Double Seal Valve

SPX FLOW’s APV SD4 Double Seal valves are designed for safe media separation applications in the food and beverage industry. These valves are designed for shut-off, changeover or tank bottom valve applications, with other configurations available upon request. The valve’s design contains two seat seals and boasts excellent hygienic characteristics primarily due to its ball-shaped housing, crevice-free sealing and leakage discharge valves, which enable drainage and clean the neutral cavity.

SPX Flow, division of SPX Corp.

Temperature Data Logger

BluLine Solutions introduced Blulog temperature data loggers to the North American market. The Blulog NFC temperature data loggers are small, business card-sized data loggers that can attach directly to cartons, pallets or other shipping containers for in-transit temperature recording. Loggers are user programmable for temperature range and frequency of measurement. Each logger features an LED light that signals whether or not a temperature excursion has occurred. Because the temperature data loggers use wireless NFC technology, they can be read while still attached to the shipping container with an NFC reader or Android mobile device. The Blulog RF temperature monitoring devices can be placed inside the reefer truck’s trailer for live monitoring during shipping through the truck’s telematics or driver’s cell phone, inside cold storage warehouses, and in cold bars, freezers and refrigerators to provide temperature and geo-location data without ever opening a door. 

BluLine Solutions
800- 240-7193

Modular Valve for Industrial Refrigeration

Danfoss’ modular ICF Flexline valve range for industrial refrigeration combines the freedom of configuration with fewer weldings in a compact and robust valve housing. And, it now comes in larger valve types—s DN 50 (2-inch) valve with four modules and a DN 65 (2.5-inch) valve with three modules. The basic idea is to offer just one valve housing that can be fitted with different functional inserts, thus reducing the number of welds and risk of leaks in a refrigeration system. Both valves are pre-fitted with an SVA-S stop valve in the first of its modules. In the central module, one of three regulation valves can be fitted. The fourth module port can accommodate a second SVA-S stop valve or a REG-SB regulation valve. Side ports allow for direct connection of a defrost drain line and for service and measurements. All Flexline valves are suited for refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia, HCFC and non-flammable HFC, and can be used in high-pressure installations with an operating pressure of up to 52 bar.


Wireless Sensor System for Retailers

Emerson introduced a wireless sensor system that expands facility monitoring capabilities for various retail refrigeration and HVAC applications. The solar-powered wireless module can be configured with up to three sensors, and is scalable, so retailers can set up an entire wireless sensor system. Plus, the wireless module connects temperature probes, product simulators and other refrigeration sensors to easily monitor perishables in critical refrigeration equipment throughout the store. Using patented energy harvesting technology, the wireless module generates a signal up to 100 feet indoors and can be extended through repeaters for greater distances.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Solenoid Valve for Ammonia Applications

HANTEMP Controls now offers the model S4At Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve. Ideal for ammonia, these solenoid valves can also control CO2, fluorinated refrigerants, glycols, pure water, light oils and other approved liquids. For ammonia refrigeration systems, they can be used for overfeed/recirculating liquid lines, suction lines over 10°F, hot gas lines, high-pressure liquid lines and discharge gas lines.

HANTEMP Controls