Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions, Newport News, Va., introduced SynQ, what is said to be the next generation of warehouse management software (WMS) platform.

SynQ (short for synchronized intelligence) is a flexible and adaptable cloud-enabled software that intelligently connects and synchronizes automation equipment, robotics, people and processes.

SynQ enables insights, optimization and agility in storage and distribution operations, and provides an array of business intelligence tools that allow smart forecasting through real-time data analysis in a modular platform.

Extendable “directors” as well as independent or integrated extendable “managers” allow SynQ’s integration with ERP or third-party WMS as well as new or existing material handling equipment. Directors and managers expose networked interfaces, which facilitate embedding intelligence throughout the entire operation. The result is a synchronized flow of products and information across people, processes and equipment to enable new levels of material handling performance.

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