Stäubli, Duncan, S.C., developed a new TX2 line of collaborative robots.

The new 6-axis machines excel in every facet of automation, including high-volume manufacturing, Industry 4.0 applications and man-robot collaboration under all production conditions.

This line comes in six different models, and is capable of handling loads between 2- 15 kilos with a reach between 515- 1,450 millimeters. All safety features comply with SIL3/PLe.  

To ensure maximum safety, every movement of the robot is monitored by sensors. In addition, all the coordinates of the robot as well as its speed and acceleration are recorded in real time.

Like its predecessors, these models feature an enclosed structure certified to protection class IP65 and IP67, which means they are waterproof. The TX2 series is ideal for use where stringent cleanroom and hygiene conditions are in force and for applications in harsh environments.

Stäubli North America