Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V., the Netherlands; Cabinplant A/S, Denmark; and MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG, Germany, complete a strategic alliance to offer food producers joint solutions, ranging from processing, filling and weighing systems to packaging equipment.

Meyn provides complete solutions for poultry processing, ranging from live bird arrival to packing, and plans and completes whole factories for all processing stages, from the delivery of the living birds to the dispatch of the packed products ready for sale.

Cabinplant specializes in the weighing, portioning and precise filling equipment for difficult-to-handle products in the meat, poultry, fruit and vegetable, fish, seafood and convenience food sectors.

Packaging specialist MULTIVAC offers solutions for packing food products of all types, as well as for the labelling and inspection of finished packs and secondary packaging. Its portfolio also includes the customized development of complete packaging lines and the integration of partner equipment.

The cooperation comprises two agreements—first, cooperation between Meyn, Cabinplant and MULTIVAC with a focus on poultry processing, and secondly, cooperation between Cabinplant and       MULTIVAC in regards to projects and lines for ready meals, fish and meat. The alliance extends to virtually all markets worldwide.