A M King, Atlanta, began renovating and expanding a distribution center owned by Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corp. (ABW), Kennesaw, Ga. The project will provide additional high-quality, food-grade warehouse space to help ABW meet increasing storage demands of temperature-controlled storage and handling services.

A M King will design, construct and fully rack a new 162,366-square-foot space to create room for ABW confectionary and other food products, including a complete re-roof of the existing warehouse and construction of two 5,683-square-foot mezzanines and a 536-square-foot office area. The project also includes 7.45 acres of site improvements such as 120,000 square feet of new exterior concrete pavement, development of a detention pond and upgrade of campus utilities.

The building expansion consists of a structural steel edifice with a 4-inch insulated metal panel (IMP) metal skin and an 80-mil TPO roof membrane designed to FM global standards. Interior concrete floor slabs are 9-inch-thick monolithic traprock shrinkage-compensating slabs.

A M King is also generating a multi-staged site logistics plan to efficiently work while allowing ABW to maintain 24/7 operations, as well as accommodate trailer parking during construction.

“This project allows us to do what we do best – construction integration in a fully functioning facility without disrupting existing operations,” says Eric Perkins, A M King project manager.