Stavis Seafoods, Boston, switched to packaging made of 100% recyclable material for its fresh fish orders. This new packaging is part of an ongoing and proactive effort to offer more environmentally friendly and responsible options to its customers.

The company’s new premium packaging meets the growing customer demand for sustainable seafood packaging. More than 95% of the fresh fish that is packaged by Stavis will be in the recyclable packages, replacing more than 1,100 unrecyclable and unreliable polystyrene and wax boxes used per day.

“We are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our growing customer base,” says Richard Stavis, chief executive officer. “Sustainability and the environmental impact of our products is an important issue for us, as well as our customers. Offering more responsible seafood includes focusing on packaging.”

“Our new fresh cases provide a high-performing packaging solution that has a low environmental impact,” adds Charles Marble, president. “Our goal is to continuously improve our packaging materials in order to provide additional customer benefits, so this transition makes perfect sense.”

Fresh whole and fillet orders will now be either gel packed or ice packed in leak-proof 10- or 30-pound master cases. The new cases are also said to be more durable with greater strength than traditional polystyrene packaging. Stavis Seafoods’ fresh packaging will not break down like polystyrene packaging, is easily assembled and provides more efficient pallet configurations.

Stavis Seafoods’ new premium packaging has also been quality tested and can also be easily disassembled and recycled.