Columbia Machine’s new HL9200 palletizer provides the ultimate in flexibility. HL9200’s new variable lane position technology combined with Columbia’s soft turn case handling and two configurable layer tables provide accurate and stable layer forming. Columbia’s patented variable position turner technology uses drop-down cushioned turners, and operators can create new patterns or optimize existing patterns via the HMI, making it ideal for all current and future package types and sizes. The safety package includes Category 3 electrical safety components with fully integrated upper and lower guarding, viewing panels and multiple access doors utilizing a trapped key door access system. A patented dual slot automatic hoist pin latching system provides a fail-safe protection system. The HL9200 palletizes up to 200 cases per minute, and features Smart Squeeze technology, multi-colored light stack to show machine status at a glance, advanced diagnostics and I/O status screens.

Columbia Machine, Inc.




MGS Machine introduced its new collaborative palletizer, designed to work alongside humans, thus eliminating the need for a safety fence. Ideal for manufacturers and contract packers, this collaborative palletizer handles cases weighing up to 77 pounds at speeds up to six cases per minute. Anchored by Fanuc’s new CR-35ia collaborative robot, MGS’ collaborative palletizer can be fitted with a variety of end effectors to handle a range of case sizes and styles, and achieves a tool-less change in less than five minutes.

MGS Machine




WSI Global released PackMate, a simple and safe way to put product into cases while keeping labor and setup times at a minimum. Ideal for any folder gluer that is being hand-packed, PackMate combines case erecting and positioning for packing in one convenient, semi-automatic operation. Requiring only an air connection, PackMate comes complete and ready to integrate into existing packaging systems, and sets up in minutes. As the operator places the case into the PackMate, the minor flaps of the case close. The PackMate then closes the major flaps, positions and holds the case steady and securely on all four sides for packing, and discharges the filled case for taping or other downstream operations. Employees no longer handle cases twice or struggle with erecting and supporting cases for packing. PackMate can be adjusted for height or angle across a wide range that covers most heights and case sizes. Safety features include a re-set button that protects against accidental startup.

WSI Global




A-B-C’s compact palletizer automatically accumulates and stacks plastic totes or returnable plastic containers to form interlocking pallet loads secure for shipping. This system features an exclusive tier alignment positioning mechanism that gently jogs each layer during stacking to interlock the totes with the previous layer. After depositing the layer, this mechanism automatically squares the pallet to ensure stability for shipping. It operates at floor level, eliminating the need to build overhead platforms and allowing plant personnel to monitor machine operation while performing other tasks. All functions, from infeed through accumulation, stacking and full pallet exit, are PLC-operated, and the touchscreen control panel offers easy setup for daily shift or batch runs, diagnostic status reporting, running production counts and more.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.