InContext Solutions, Chicago, launched a virtual reality (VR) headset for its ShopperMX platform.

By incorporating head-mounted displays, retailers and brands can more easily view, present and collaborate on new retail concepts in fully immersive VR through the ShopperMX HIVE (hi-immersion virtual experience). 

Head-mounted displays also facilitate immersive external collaboration between retailers and brands. For example, a CPG manufacturer looking to gain buy-in on a new arrangement could present the concept to the retailer through a VR headset on the ShopperMX platform, allowing the retailer to visualize the data in a completely new way.

Additional benefits of VR head-mounted displays include:

  • More meaningful collaboration on new in-store concepts.
  • A lifelike environment to view new retail concepts, without the cost and hassle of building out in real life.
  • Engaging VR simulations for planning and presentations.

InContext Solutions