Kiolbassa Smoked Meats, San Antonio, Texas, expanded its footprint on the city’s Westside through the acquisition of a second 88,000-square-foot factory located at 1545 S. San Marcos Street.

The family-owned company has operated from the Brazos Street headquarters since 1949. However, Kiolbassa has experienced significant growth, emerging from a regional brand to one that is now available in all 50 states and Mexico.

“As we were selecting a new facility, I made it clear to my team that our home is on San Antonio’s Westside and that is where we want to stay,” says Michael Kiolbassa, president. “We were very fortunate to find a space around the corner from our headquarters that offers plenty of room to continue to grow our operations over the coming years.”

The San Marcos Street facility will be home to Kiolbassa’s bacon production.

“Our company has evolved over the past few years. We’ve updated our brand, we’ve added products and now we have added a new facility,” adds Kiolbassa. “Despite these exciting changes, we aren’t losing sight of the things that have fostered our success—one being a commitment to our authentic, small-batch processes, another being a commitment to our San Antonio home.”

Kiolbassa began operating the new facility during the summer, and now houses several of the company’s administrative departments in addition to the bacon production line. The company expects to make significant investments in the San Marcos Street facility over the coming years.

“We have a long-term plan for upgrading the building that aligns with our plan for strategic growth over the next several years,” says Kiolbassa. “We feel these investments are not only good for our business, but [also] good for the community where we are investing.”