Kiolbassa Smoked Meats, San Antonio, Texas, is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the opening of a new production line.

“Here at Kiolbassa, we make all of our products the old-fashioned way,” says Michael Kiolbassa, president. “That means remaining true to the way my grandfather made sausage when he started our company seven decades ago – in small batches, always using premium cuts of beef and pork and the freshest ingredients. With our new line, we can produce a lot more sausage, but we’re still doing it 150 pounds at a time.”

When at full capacity, the new production line will create an additional 30 jobs.

“Thirty years ago, you could only find Kiolbassa in a few H-E-B stores here in town. Now, we are fortunate to be carried in H-E-B stores across Texas as well as other stores across the United States and even in Mexico,” says Kiolbassa. “We are passionate about preserving the art of handcrafted smoked meats.”