A new report published by Conill, El Segundo, Calif., reveals 14 trends that are reshaping the relationships between people and the foods they eat.

The study, “The Future of Food -- Part One: A View from the Edge,” examines food through the lens of its importance as a cultural marker. It is the result of in-depth interviews with leading experts in food and health and wellness, in addition to companies putting their stamp on food trends.

Topics explored include:

Gut health. Consumers are turning to the nutraceutical route by using food as a replacement for medicine to combat everything from inflammation to toxins in order to promote long-term health and wellness.

Responsible eating. Beyond eating healthy, shoppers have a general concern for the impact that the production, consumption and disposal of food has on other humans.

Rise of the food detectives. Mysterious foodborne diseases and sensitivities like irritable bowel syndrome have pushed many consumers to re-evaluate how to eat and to be more meticulous about what they eat.